Yonkers recommends switching to electric leaf blowers

Yonkers city code already prohibits the use of gas-powered leaf blowers from June 1 to September 30 and now the city has taken a step closer to eliminating the noise and air pollution that results from it. ensue. Mayor Mike Spano announced the launch of a new rebate program to help residents and landscapers cover the cost of purchasing electric leaf blowers to replace gas-powered machines.

Yonkers residents can now receive a $50 rebate from the city for the purchase of an electric leaf blower. Yonkers-based landscaping companies can claim up to five rebates of $75 each to cover up to five new electric leaf blowers.

“We are redoubling our efforts to reduce air and noise pollution in our city by encouraging residents and landscapers to use electric leaf blowers,” Spano said. “With this incentive plan, switching to cleaner, quieter lawn care equipment not only protects us from the health risks of gas-powered leaf blowers, but can also save us some extra money. I encourage everyone to make the change and help us create a greener, cleaner Yonkers.

Mayor Mike Spano announcing an electric leaf blower rebate program at Yonkers City Hall.

Rebates are funded by the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency. Rebate applications are available online at yonkersny.gov/leafblowerrebate. The city says discounts are limited and available until funds are exhausted.

Old, unwanted gas-powered leaf blowers that have been emptied of fuel can be taken to the Yonkers Recycling Center at 735 Saw Mill Road.

Jason Baker, Chairman of the Yonkers Green City Advisory Board and Director of Sustainability, said, “The use of gas-powered leaf blowers contributes to air pollution and excessive noise levels. This program takes a user-friendly approach to reducing these risks by making environmentally preferable electric alternatives more accessible for outdoor maintenance.

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