Widow of GSM employee killed by ex-NFL player files legal action

The widow of a Cherryville father of three filed a complaint against the succession of the former NFL player Phillip Adams, the person blamed by police for shooting her husband and five others in April.

HVAC technician Robert Shook, 38, was working for GSM services in Gastonia on April 7, 2021, in York County, South Carolina, the home of Robert and Barbara Lesslie when Adams repeatedly shot him. Shook, who was able to call his work supervisor for help, was airlifted to a Charlotte hospital where he died on April 10 of his injuries.

The Lesslies, their two grandchildren, Shook and her GSM work partner James Lewis, 38, of Gastonia, were all killed by Adams, who later committed suicide. Lewis was a single father of three.

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In August, Shook’s widow and the mother of their three children – aged 7, 13 and 18 at the time – filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Adams’ estate in Rock Hill U.S. District Court. , South Carolina. She sought a jury trial and actual and punitive damages from Adams’ estate.

On Tuesday, December 14, the York County Sheriff’s Office released an autopsy that revealed unusually severe brain disease in Adams’s frontal lobe. The 20 years he spent playing football “definitely … resulted” in a diagnosis of stage 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy, according to Dr. Ann McKee of Boston University, who examined the brain from Adams.

The lawsuit describes Shook as a “beloved husband and father,” adding that his wife and their children have “suffered from severe and extreme emotional distress, anxiety, grief and grief” since his death.

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Robert Shook, a GSM services HVAC technician who lived in Cherryville, was one of six people killed by a former NFL player in a mass shooting on April 7, 2021 in York County, South Carolina .  The shooter later committed suicide.
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