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MANKATO – The Mankato Clinic will add a floor to its Wickersham campus building to expand services for women.

A bowling alley with a long local history – Victory Bowl / Mickey’s Sports Bar – south of Victory Drive is slated for an exterior upgrade.

And Cambria is planning a new building for a retail store, showroom and warehouse for its popular line of countertops, according to plans recently filed with the city.

Mankato Clinic

Steve Hatkin, chief financial officer of Mankato Clinic, said adding Wickersham took years.

“Several years ago, we identified that we had outgrown our existing space for our OB department (at the Main Street Clinic). Our space did not provide the amenities and environment that our patients want.

Wickersham, built in 2013, was designed so that a second storey could be added, including using poured concrete on the roof. The first floor currently includes children’s health services and will continue after the addition of the second floor.

Hatkin said the new space will feature lots of large windows to bring in natural light. The space will include an OB ultrasound so patients can go from their doctor’s appointment to their ultrasound in the same building. Mammography will be offered in both Wickersham and Main Street.

“It will cover all services for women throughout life, but for women who have babies, having services for mom and then for their children in the same space is appealing,” Hatkin said.

The new space will also support the clinic’s midwifery program, which began this year. “We will have a place for this to grow. Many women are looking for this.

He said the clinic received feedback from its patient advisory group, patient surveys and discussions with providers about what the new space should look like.

Hatkin said steel for the project has been ordered and is expected to arrive in January when construction begins. WEB Construction, which constructed the original building, is carrying out the project.

He said starting work in the winter made the most sense. The membrane covering the existing concrete roof will need to be removed and will then be exposed to potential water issues during construction. “It’s easier to deal with snow than rain in the summer,” he said of the build.

Construction is expected to be a 12-14 month project.

The Wickersham campus is at 1421 Premier Drive, at the corner of Highway 22 North and County Road 26 (227th Street).

The footprint of the existing building is not enlarged.

Exterior finishes include materials to match the existing Wickersham campus.

Victory Bowl/Mickey’s

Doug DeMarce, co-owner of the Victory Bowl and the Wow Zone, said that when they opened the Wow Zone several years ago, the intention was to sell the Victory Bowl.

“But as we went along, we realized that there are different demographics and Victory Bowl is doing well, especially since the pandemic. And our food business is getting stronger and stronger,” DeMarce said.

“We do a lot of leagues and company parties and more adult birthday parties. There’s weekend bowling, tournaments, high school tournaments.

He said the interior of the building started being renovated a few years ago. “We did the bowling area, new flooring and carpeting. We have renovated the bar area and enlarged our kitchen. And we installed a glass garage door between the bar and the bowling alley to open it. People really like it because they can move between the two areas,” DeMarce said.

From now on, the final works will be done by dressing the exterior, largely intact since the end of the 1980s.

The exterior upgrade will include stone, stucco, new paint and a new parapet extending above the roofline, as well as metal crowning and roof detailing.

The building, at 203 S. Victory Drive, has been around for over 60 years.

Originally opened as The Double Deuce in 1960 by Jerry Dutler and Bill Smith, the 12-lane bowling alley and bar was purchased by DeMarce in 1974, who changed the name to Victory Bowl. In 1988 he changed the name of the bar from DJ’s Lounge to Mickey’s.

Cambria store

Cambria is planning a retail and showroom on the northeast side of Mankato, east of Highway 22 between Highway 14 and Technology Drive, just east of Federated Insurance.

Plans show an 11,200 square foot building, a loading dock and 36 new parking spaces.

The new building will include warehouses, offices and a showroom of nearly 3,000 square feet.

The business operations plan submitted to the city called for two to five customer visits per day, by appointment. One employee will be in the showroom as the showroom manager.

Office space is estimated at six sales employees as well as five mortgage employees in this office.

The warehouse would be used for shipping the manufactured counters. Six installation technicians using three trucks will provide daily service on three routes. The warehouse will store installation tools and equipment as well as fabricated countertops.

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