What mistakes to avoid with a new garage?

Home additions and renovations create exciting times in making future plans. This allows you to create the home of your dreams, gradually improving your current space. Although bathrooms and kitchens are the most common types of renovations, building new garages can also be a valuable addition to the property.

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Building a new garage provides an excellent opportunity to expand storage space. Whether you need extra coverage for an extra trailer, boat, RV, or vehicle, or are just looking for more storage, the possibilities are endless.

But, when building a new garage, various common mistakes can be made. You can save a lot of headaches, time, and money by avoiding mistakes made by other homeowners in past garage additions.

Below are some of the most common mistakes in garage construction.

Lack of planning

Although many homeowners only see their garage as a secondary part of their home, the role it plays is crucial. As people often overlook garages, they also tend to overlook the planning process when building a new garage.

Like any other structure, a garage requires careful planning and attention to ensure a successful project. It’s best to budget accordingly and have a clear vision of how you want your results to look and what materials you’ll be using.

The number one reason many homeowners don’t stick to their garage building budget is lack of time invested in the planning phase. Therefore, it is essential to take everything and anything into consideration before executing any part of your project.

Use of inexpensive materials

As mentioned earlier, many people think of garages as secondary components of a home, a common mistake made in thinking that money can ultimately be saved by cutting down on materials. But, skimping on premium materials is a big mistake because the structure of a garage is similar to that of your home. To be durable, garages need a durable roof, a solid foundation and a solid coating.

If you invest in cheap materials, the results will be a new but inferior garage. Honestly, there won’t be any major issues right away. It will appear blank and bring satisfaction.

But, if you plan to live in your home for many more years, the upkeep and maintenance of your garage will drive you crazy. For example, buying the cheapest siding on the market is sure to deteriorate much faster than premium aluminum or vinyl siding.

As a result, garage maintenance will take up a lot of your time just to hold your structure together. In the long run, you’ll spend a lot more on replacement materials or repairs for the inferior original materials. Simplify your life by investing in the right materials from the start.

Use of cheap garage door

Arguably, a garage door is the most essential part of building a new garage. While the roof, windows, siding and foundation are essential to all structures, the success of any garage depends on the doors.

First, it is important to decide whether you are looking for a double or single garage. Both types of garage have their pros and cons. The initial costs of double garages are higher and the long-term maintenance is more thorough, but they offer a lot more storage space. Single car garages work better on smaller lots and their garage construction is more affordable. After determining how many new garage doors you will use in your project, you should check out the options available. Buying cheap garage doors is not good in the long run. Inexpensive garage doors are terrible investments because they often can’t withstand major storms. They tend to break down more frequently, which means you’ll have to hire a handyman or do the repairs yourself.

Go completely DIY with your garage project

In today’s world, DIY home renovations are popular and widespread, which in itself is a positive trend. However, there are some home renovations and additions that should only be done by professionals.

Therefore, even those who have advanced knowledge of carpentry or those of various other handyman skills, should reconsider a garage building DIY as some items need to be handled by professionals. Some of these items include electrical work and the installation of garage doors, both of which can be dangerous if undertaken by amateurs.

For this reason, it’s best to DIY certain elements of your garage construction and hire professionals to deal with items that may pose safety hazards or just make you feel uncomfortable.

The number one priority for all home additions should be safety, and building a garage is no exception. Be sure to follow proper safety protocol, and if you’re unclear about it, you’re better off calling a professional than DIYing it. Injuries or electrocution are certainly not worth the money saved.

No future planning

Whether it’s a simple one-car garage or something more elaborate, you’ll be spending thousands of dollars building your garage. So, as you are investing a lot of money and time on this project, make sure you do it right on your first attempt.

For example, many homeowners choose to build a single garage over a double garage to save money without considering the future. If you intend to spend several years or even decades in your home, this is a mistake.

Build a garage that includes some flexibility so you have various options in the future, like converting a single car to a double garage.

Are you ready for your new garage?

Even the simplest and most common mistakes when building a garage can haunt you for years. Taking simple precautions can help avoid dilemmas. Be sure to plan properly and budget accordingly for your garage project. Hire professional mechanics where you need them and invest in the highest quality materials to avoid as many headaches as possible.

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