What is a chimney sweep? They do everything to keep you safe all year round

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First, a good chimney sweep will carefully inspect your chimney for potential problems.

MANCHESTER, NH – What is a chimney sweep? Ed Hewitt, owner of Manchester-based Anything Chimney, is happy to talk about chimneys with anyone who asks.

“It all comes down to safety, which is why we do what we do,” says Hewitt.

And when Hewitt says “any chimney”, he means it – from installing chimney caps and chimney-related masonry repairs to replacing chimney flashings, chimney crowns, waterproofing chimney bricks and chimney block waterproofing, he and his team are certified to do it all.

But doing the right job of ensuring safe chimney operation is really what it takes.

Anything Chimney performing a wood stove cleaning.

“We try to ensure that the deadly gases produced by the burning of wood, oil, pellets and gas come out safely from the house. We try to make sure they do this in the safest way possible. When it comes to wood and pellets, we try to make sure the gases don’t ignite the creosote in your chimney, causing a potential chimney fire,” says Hewitt.

“We have all heard of chimney fires. A lot of people have it and don’t even realize it. Chimney fires occur. What we don’t want, and what we work diligently to prevent, are structural fires. If a structural fire were to occur in a house we visited, I consider it a failure. A big part of our job is trying to prevent chimney-based structure fires. We study the science of ventilation intensely, we study codebook after codebook, and the sole intention of all of these studies is to keep our customers as safe as possible,” says Hewitt. And while we can never guarantee safety, we can guarantee that after working on your chimney, if you follow and accept all recommended repairs when needed, you will have a code-compliant venting system. , with a much lower likelihood of starting a structure fire or experiencing a chimney carbon monoxide problem.

No, it’s not Santa Claus – or Bert the chimney sweep. Everything about Chimney goes there to make sure your chimney is safe and clean.

Most people associate the “chimney sweep” with someone cleaning a chimney, the most recognizable example being Burt, the carefree chimney sweep from “Mary Poppins.”

But there’s a lot more to do, says Hewitt.

“Chimney cleaning is really our last priority. Chimney inspection is our first priority. If we were to simply clean chimneys without focusing on our inspection process, we would be putting our customers at risk and, moreover, abusing their trust,” says Hewitt. “When you call a chimney specialist to your house to clean your chimney, do you expect them to know what a safe chimney looks like? Well, we do. And, we certainly know what a dangerous chimney looks like. That’s why we focus on safety first.

Anything Chimney is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Hewitt says the potential problems with the average fireplace are endless, depending on what type of heater or stove you use as a heat source.

“If it’s a wood stove, how far is your pipe from anything combustible?” What type of wall does your pipe pass through? Are the clearances respected through the wall? What is the distance between your current wood stove and a combustible material? Can your liner contain combustion products, etc The problems that a chimney and ventilation system can have are matched only by the potential solution,” says Hewitt.

“At Anything Chimney, we know and understand the codes and standards for venting many different types of fuels, and we know how to remedy when those codes and safety standards are not met. A big part of our job is actually repairing faulty and non-safe chimneys,” says Hewitt.

“And it’s all part of being a ‘chimney sweep’.”

Anything Chimney is a fully certified chimney sweep from Manchester, NH who specializes in chimney sweeping, chimney inspection and chimney repair in the Manchester area. Contact Anything Chimney, 603-716-5977 or email [email protected] or make an appointment online at www.anythingchimney.com

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