What happens to businesses in Sussex that supplied goods to the Queen?

MORE than a dozen businesses in Sussex saw their royal warrants expire with the Queen’s death.

Royal warrants are proof that a company provides goods or services to the royal family.

Businesses with a royal warrant can display a royal coat of arms and advertise that they provide goods or services ‘by appointment’ to that royal.

However, all royal warrants automatically expire on the death of the king who granted them, and companies have two years to remove the coat of arms from their products, vehicles and stationery.

It means an anxious wait for the 620 businesses that held royal warrants granted by Queen Elizabeth.

Here is the list of businesses in Sussex that have obtained a Royal Warrant from the Queen:

  • Hobby Horticulture Services, Rye

A supplier to the UK landscaping and construction industries specializing in environmentally friendly soft and hard landscaping materials including bark and composts.

  • C Brewer and Sons, Eastborne

The largest independent paint and wallpaper supplier in the UK.

  • Cornelia James LTD, Lewes

A glover appointed in 1979.

  • County Tree Surgeons, Crawley Down

The Queen’s Tree Surgeons.

Suppliers of products and solutions for horticultural businesses.

  • Heirlooms Limited, Bognor

Manufacturers of fine linen.

A supplier of horticultural equipment providing shade, ventilation, irrigation, lighting, benching and control systems.

  • Judge’s Choice Pet Food, Haywards Heath

The queen’s pet food supplier.

  • Cue Systems, Pulborough

Suppliers of software systems and services.

  • Milborrow Chimney Sweeps, Crawley Down

The Queen’s Chimney Sweeps.

Food business.

Supplier and installer of ultraviolet filters and traditional blinds.

  • Willards Conservation Limited, Chichester

Provides the Queen with tools and equipment for the preservation and restoration of fine art and important historical media.

The Queen’s Marshal.

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