West Michigan man gains popularity on social media for cleaning up his community

A West Michigan man has gained quite a following on social media because of his work cleaning up his community. And he does it at no cost to the people he helps.

That’s why Erik Reed is the FOX 17 Pay It Forward Person of the Month with Lake Michigan Credit Union.

You may have seen Erik in town.

Maybe not your city, but it’s hard to miss no matter where you are.

He has 400,000 followers on his social media platforms, but claims his videos reach 40 million people a month.

And it’s for good reason, he does good in his community.

His section “Outdoors with Erikfollows him and the sounds of his landscaping equipment.

It started as a way to clean up his community

“I wonder if I can mow a few yards?” I was in Battle Creek and noticed that the Battle Creek Royal Funeral Home was really overgrown,” Erik explained.

But as he transformed each place, he worked; his mission turned into spreading goodwill: finding unsuspecting landowners who couldn’t afford to mow their land themselves.

He has help, mainly with his son Landon. He is mostly behind the camera, but does garden work. He is there to do more than just help the community.

“It’s time we can spend together, and it’s fun when I’m pressure washing because the mud is flying at me,” Landon said.

Erik transmits the values ​​that his mother instilled in him.

“I never knew she was struggling until I got older, and I saw the struggle she went through and said, ‘You know, she always tried to help other people , but she was going beyond her means and… Someday I just want to give back to the community,” Erik explained.

And it does all of this at no cost.

“You hear of people who are on Social Security and they’re living paycheck to paycheck and they’re literally on their last $100. They just want you to mow their garden. You use your money for the bills, let me take care of your garden,” Erik said.

Although he may refuse money to the people he helps, we are here to help him keep giving back.

Erik had multiple nominations and was selected as the FOX 17 Pay It Forward Person of the Month.

“I didn’t expect that, thank you, thank you. I’m going to take this and put it back into our business with equipment supplies and fuel, and I just appreciate it. Thanks, I don’t know what to say,” Erik said when FOX 17 announced he was the Pay It Forward Person of the Month.

Lawn care is definitely slowing down for the season, but Erik said he has a snowblower on the way.

As FOX 17 and Lake Michigan Credit Union Pay It Forward Person of the Month, Erik will receive $550.

Do you know someone who should be our next Pay It Forward person of the month? name them here.

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