Welton Street Café Launches Second Fundraiser to Meet Financial Needs

DENVER – Welton Street Café, a restaurant in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, has started another fundraiser to meet various financial needs.

In May, generous Denver7 viewers donated more than $ 41,000 to the restaurant after the company’s HVAC system shut down.

“We are very grateful,” said Fathima Dickerson, co-owner of Welton Street Café. “The money has helped us with a lot of repairs and expenses for which we as tenants are responsible.”

But after the repairs were made, the restaurant announced it was moving to a new location, and many customers wanted to know why.

“In fact, we weren’t able to negotiate an extended lease, so that’s what prompted this decision. So after March 12, we’ll be in a position where we’re looking for any kind of cloud kitchen or ghost kitchen to support us as we build our alternate location, ”Dickerson said. “A lot of it has to do with this building and what we were able to offer. “

Dickerson says the lease issue came at a time when the restaurant had outgrown their building.

In addition to repairs to the building, Denver7 Gives funds helped pay for design services needed for the new location. However, on January 1, the restaurant launched another GoFundMe countryside.

“The funds the community raised for GoFundMe helped us start the process of constructing the new building,” Dickerson said. “Small Business Administration emergency aid does not fund construction from real estate, so we try to build and we are denied those funds. “

The co-owner said the restaurant was not eligible for further financial assistance from the local government and the state. She says the restaurant will need new fixtures, equipment and supplies for the new space.

Dickerson says she understands those who might question the way Welton Street Cafe owners run their business, but says it’s a tough time to be in the restaurant business due to the need for a new one. location and a pandemic that never seems to end.

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