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Monday 6 December

Criminal mischief: Cedar Drive – A resident reported that someone damaged the library box he had near his mailbox. Second occurrence. No suspect.

Cold flight: Night Sky Drive – A rear license plate has been stolen from a vehicle. The victim did not know when the plaque was stolen.

Fraud: Second Street – A resident called and said she received a phone call from an “Amazon representative,” who informed her that someone was trying to use their Amazon Prime account to purchase a sofa. The scammer advised the resident to provide his Venmo account number to receive a refund and enter the amount of -500 $. Instead of crediting, the account was debited with $ 500.

Fraud: Seventh Street – A resident called and informed that he had received a call from someone claiming to be with Apple, who wanted to confirm a purchase the resident had not made, which led the resident to believe that it had been fraudulently billed to Apple. The scammer advised them to buy $ 6,000 in Apple gift cards and provide the Apple gift card numbers in order to dispute the bill. Victim $ 6,000.

Suspicious circumstances: Mountain Avenue: Two male drivers were involved in a road rage incident on Highway 56. One driver clashed with the other driver on Mountain Avenue. Conflicting information and the deputy was unable to determine the charges at that time.

Tuesday, December 7

Second degree criminal alterations x2 / Criminal mischief / Domestic violence: Large Empty Place – A man and woman were in a verbal disturbance when the man smashed two doors, attempted to throw a Christmas tree out the window, dismantled their garage property, and also shut off electrical circuit breakers on the House. The male admitted that he did all of this to cause inconvenience and embarrassment to the female. On his way to the prison, he wrapped the seat belt around his neck in an attempt to injure himself. He was ordered not to cooperate.

Driving Under the Influence: United States Highway 287 and North Berthoud Parkway – A man was contacted in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, unconscious west of the intersection of Highway 287 and North Berthoud Parkway. The man was incarcerated in Larimer County Jail for driving under the influence.

Wednesday 8 December

Motor vehicle accident without injury: Highway 56 – A semi-truck has backed up into another semi-truck in a parking lot. No injuries and the drivers exchanged information.

Cold flight: Avenue Bimson: A bicycle was stolen from a bicycle rack outside an apartment complex. The bike has been locked and the padlock has been cut. No suspects yet.

Vehicle theft: Pyramid Peak Street – An older model Dodge Ram was stolen from the residence. The truck was locked and the keys were not in the vehicle.

Thursday December 9

Criminal harm / domestic violence: Second Street – A woman reported that her husband damaged his belongings during an argument at their home. The man was incarcerated in the Larimer County Jail.

Suspicious circumstances: Woodcock Street – A woman was insulted by a man, who was playing loud music after asking him to turn the music down. The man was in his vehicle in the parking lot of the complex. The woman demanded that the incident be documented and did not want to lay charges. The man refused to come to his door and speak with the deputy.

Fraud / Identity theft: Jones Place – A man reported that several transactions were made on his checking account using his control and routing numbers, as well as the address on his checks. The male was credited by his bank and did not take out any money

Motor vehicle accident without injury: East Highway 56 and County Road 7 – A semi-truck was traveling westbound on Route 56 and another vehicle was driving behind. The semi-truck slowed to make a right turn onto Weld County Road 7 and since it was a semi-trailer it had to make a wide turn. The vehicle behind the semi did not notice that the semi was turning and went to the right on the shoulder to avoid hitting the semi, cutting the right front bumper of the semi. The vehicle then turned around and fell into the ditch at the northwest corner of Highway 56 and County Road 7. The offending driver received a subpoena for reckless driving.

Friday December 10

Disorderly conduct: West County Road 14 – A man threw dog feces at another man during a verbal disturbance. Monitoring is ongoing.

Saturday 11 December

Motor vehicle accident with hit and run: Mountain Avenue – A woman’s parked vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., causing damage to the passenger side.

Objects found: Tenth Street (Dog Park) – A woman has reported that she lost her wallet, which contained credentials and three bank cards.

Property found: Fourth Street – A Good Samaritan found the lost wallet from the entrance above and turned it into the sheriff’s office at Berthoud Town Hall for the owner to collect.

Impaired Driving (DWAI) / Improper Driving – United States Highway 287 and First Street – A man has been contacted northbound on the southbound exit ramp. Reserved for DWAI at the Larimer County Jail.

Falsified imprisonment / Third degree assault / Obstruction of telephone services / Domestic violence: Mount Massive Street – A woman threw a ceramic mug at her boyfriend, hitting him on the head and causing him pain. She then locked him in the residence garage as he packed his things to leave. The woman locked and barricaded the interior garage door and cut off the power to the automatic door and the automatic door could not be lifted manually. The man was locked in the garage for about four to five hours before someone called 911. The woman admitted to throwing the man’s phone outside during this incident, so he didn’t could not call for help. She was incarcerated in the Larimer County Jail.

Sunday 12 December

Vehicle theft: Bunyan Avenue – A vehicle was stolen from a local business. Keys were left in the vehicle and the vehicle was unlocked. The investigation is ongoing.

Violation of the protection order: Likens Drive – Male was arrested for violating a protection order and contacted the protected party via social media.

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