Warning for Warwickshire residents after recent chimney fires – Warwickshire County Council

Chimney safety

Warwickshire residents are being warned to check their chimneys as the Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service recently witnessed a series of chimney fires across the county.

The Fire and Rescue Service have been called to chimney fires in Leamington Spa, Rugby and Northend over the past seven days.

Residents are reminded that chimneys should be swept regularly by licensed chimney sweeps, as constant maintenance eliminates soot buildup from coal, wood, oil and gas systems.

Chimneys require sweeping at different intervals depending on the fuel used.

  • Chimneys that use smokeless fuel or bituminous coal – at least once a year

  • Chimneys that use oil – once a year

  • Chimneys that use wood – quarterly when in use

Residents must also occasionally visit their loft to check the fireplace when the fire is on. They can check for smoke from cracks, faulty bricks or mortar joints. These indicate that repair work is necessary.

Councilor Andy Crump, portfolio holder for Fire and Rescue and Community Safety at Warwickshire County Council, said: “We want everyone to stay safe during the colder months of this year. I encourage homeowners to think about the last time their chimney was swept and to plan ahead for the next time it will be needed. Please make sure all embers are extinguished before going to bed and use a fire screen to protect against hot sparks.

Chimney fires are often preventable, but should the worst happen, a smoke alarm can give people the extra time they need to escape in the event of a fire.

For more information on chimney fire safety visit: https://warwickshire.gov.uk/chimneyfiresafety

Published: January 21, 2022

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