Walmart pairs home delivery service with ‘smart garage’ solution

Walmart is giving customers a new option for in-garage grocery delivery.

Discount giant partners with ‘smart garage’ technology provider myQ to soon enable myQ app users monitor, control and secure their garage door for home deliveries. Launched in 2019, Walmart’s InHome service delivers fresh groceries, daily necessities and other products directly to customers’ homes, including placing items directly in their kitchen or garage refrigerator. The service also offers support for returns.

After signing up for InHome, a customer places their order on the Walmart app and selects InHome as their preferred delivery option. A trained InHome associate makes the delivery.

Upon arriving at the customer’s home, the associate uses a one-time access code to unlock the customer’s door or garage through their InHome app, which pairs with smart entry technology. The Walmart app notifies the customer every step of the way, and a camera, worn on associates’ vests, records the entire delivery, which customers can access from their phone for up to a week after each delivery. Delivery staff are taking health and safety measures including wearing a mask, sanitizing surfaces and locking down.

Through this new partnership, Walmart customers will soon have the ability to enable one-stop access to secure delivery to a garage through the myQ solution. Customers with a myQ powered garage door opener can download the myQ app and follow the steps to connect their door opener(s) to the myQ app.

Customers without a myQ-powered device who subscribe to Walmart+ InHome and choose myQ as their default delivery method will be offered a free technology upgrade to make their existing garage door opener compatible.

Walmart attempted to expand InHome’s reach. In July 2022, the retailer began manufacturing InHome available as optional add-on as part of the Walmart+ paid subscription program.

Home delivery costs $19.95 per month or $148 per year with no additional charges, including tips, which are built into the price of membership. Customers can extend single access to their InHome Associate by using an existing smart lock, garage keypad or by purchasing a new smart lock from InHome for $49.95.

Tackle Amazon
Walmart began piloting direct-to-fridge deliveries in January 2019, following Amazon’s lead deployment some of the main features of its “smart entry” program, Amazon key, to Prime members nationwide. The main feature of the program, home deliveries, uses a smart lock to allow Amazon to make deliveries inside a customer’s front door or garage.

“Walmart+ InHome’s goal is to provide our members with convenience and choice, and over the past few years we’ve found our in-garage delivery option to be a popular choice among members,” said Whitney Pegden, Vice President and General Manager, InHome. “We’re really excited that myQ smart garage technology is helping us reach more customers with a more seamless garage experience.”

“With over 210 million packages disappearing from front porches across the United States last year, many consumers feel the need to plan their day around deliveries to ensure they receive their packages and groceries” , said Kiel Fitzgerald, senior director of delivery services for Chamberlain Group, parent company of myQ. “Delivery to the garage puts the customer in control without the need to schedule the day around deliveries – rain or shine, packages and groceries will stay safe inside the garage until ‘until someone is free to get them back.”

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