VIDEO: Flue Dunnit: Thief trapped in chimney during botched heist

Maryland firefighters took down a chimney after a burglar tried to take down the chimney and got stuck.

The attempted robbery took place at a home in Silver Springs, Md., Around 5:30 a.m. on January 8.

At first, a resident called the authorities to say that noises had been heard outside at 3:30 a.m. Police responded, but found no sign of an attempted break-in and left.

However, the resident said he heard moans inside a wall of the house, believing the suspected burglar may have been trapped inside the fireplace. The police returned and noticed that the top of the fireplace had been removed.

Fighting in Silver Spring, Md., Unleashed an attempted burglar that got stuck in the chimney of a home on January 8, 2022. (Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service / Zenger)

The adult man was rescued after two dozen firefighters responded to the call for help. In order to free him, they had to pierce the wall and dismantle the chimney, edge by edge, officials said.

Montgomery County Police Department spokeswoman Shiera Goff told local media the man was attempting to rob the house when he was trapped.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department spokesman Pete Piringer said on social media on January 8 that a fire crew had been dispatched to the house to help police remove “a man stuck in the chimney “just before 6 a.m., confirming that the suspect was” not allowed to be there. “

Piringer said the suspected burglar was then “taken to the trauma center”. He is expected to survive, as his unspecified injuries are not threatening, police say.

The suspect has not been named and it is not known whether he has yet been charged by authorities.

Firefighters had to pierce the wall of the chimney and dismantle it edge by edge to rescue the man trapped inside during an attempted theft. (Montgomery / Zenger County Fire and Rescue Service)

The photos illustrate the extent of the damage left in the house, which belongs to Holy Cross Hospital, according to NBC4 Washington. There is a large hole in the wall and debris is piled up around the fireplace. Bricks and rubble were also piled up outside the house.

No information regarding the man’s identity or whether he could face charges was immediately known.

Getting stuck in chimneys is a rare occurrence, although it has been recorded in previous burglary attempts. A Californian was arrested in mid-December 2017 after attempting to rob a business by slipping down a chimney, but got stranded instead. Jesse Berube actually called 911 and was rescued. Berube was not injured, but later arrested for burglary.

However, by the 1800s chimney sweeps were young men and little boys, and it was not uncommon for the younger ones to get trapped in narrow chimneys, resulting in their deaths.

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