Victims of Czar Claire Waxman: Online harassment is ‘permitted’ by social media companies | United Kingdom | New


London’s Victims Commissioner – who has been stalked by a stalker – has urged Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) officials to seek a review of the five-and-a-half-year prison sentence handed down to broadcaster stalker Jeremy Vine.

Alex Belfield. The Radio 2 host hit out at social media companies, saying Belfield had posted a video promising to return.

Ms Waxman said yesterday: ‘The Government’s Online Safety Bill does not go far enough.

“Online bullying is present in almost every instance of harassment and is enabled by social media companies that don’t acknowledge it.”

“Harassment legislation is flawed and in urgent need of reform. There is no such thing as low-level harassment in cases that span years or decades.”

“Harassment will always cause alarm and distress.”

“The law must recognize this. I urge the CPS to refer this sentence to the Attorney General as part of the overly lenient sentencing program.”

Mr Vine said the actions of former BBC DJ Belfield had led him to a “really sick place” and called his YouTube channel a “fountain of hate”.

He added: “I was afraid of what he might do to my family.”

He said he was “astonished” how difficult it had been to get YouTube bosses to act.

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