Using dish soap to kill moss on your lawn – tips for success


Faced with the question of how to get rid of moss on your lawn, you can choose several methods. Some may turn to iron sulfate and others to baking soda. However, there’s an even more accessible (yet effective) solution lurking in your kitchen: dish soap.

While dish soap is best associated with its indoor uses, experts are urging us to get it out of our kitchens and into the garden, where we can use it in our fight against moss on our lawns.

This method is simple, effective and permanently eliminates the foam. So if you’re looking to get a moss-free lawn that looks greener and thicker this summer, this may be the answer.

Using Dish Soap To Kill Moss On Your Lawn – The Easy Fix

Moss on a green lawn

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“Killing moss without decimating your lawn can be tricky, but a dish soap solution can make it easy with a little care and attention,” says Tom Monson of Monson Lawn and Landscaping (opens in a new tab).

The expert explains that this solution is more effective if you catch the moss early. As soon as you notice the suds, Tom suggests mixing two ounces of dish soap with a gallon of water to make a mild solution. This will kill the moss without damaging your lawn. Here’s what the process is all about.

1. Cover the dish soap suds

Tom suggests using a spray bottle to thoroughly soak the suds in your dish soap and water solution. For small to medium sized lawns, you will need about 2 ounces of soap and 1 gallon of water. However, if your garden is larger, you will need to increase the dosage to cover all the moss. Use approximately 2 gallons of water for every 1000 square feet of grass.

After applying the soap, the expert suggests waiting about a day before it dries out.

2. Scrape off dead moss

Once the moss dries, you can easily scrape it off using a tool of your choice. If you have a lot of moss anyway and are dethatching a lawn, it may be worth investing in a more specialized rake. [such as this one on Amazon (opens in new tab)] this will make the scraping process quick and efficient.

3. Replant grass seed if needed

Care should be taken when applying the soapy solution to your lawn, as this solution can be harmful to your greenery. However, if you notice any damage, you can use one of the best fast growing grass seeds to ensure your lawn is back to full health quickly.

Green lawn with pavilion and flowering tree

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What’s the fastest way to get rid of moss?

Experts including Tom Monson of Monson Lawn and Landscaping believe the dish soap method is the fastest way to get rid of scum, with baking soda following a similar formula (2 gallons of water for a small box).

How to prevent moss from growing?

Preventing moss growth involves a raking process that is best done in early spring before the moss has a chance to produce spores. This option is favored by the expert Oberon Copeland of Very knowledgeable (opens in a new tab). It prompts you to rake your lawn to limit moss growth and make your lawn healthier.

“Moss tends to be more acidic than grass, which makes it difficult to [your lawn] grow in areas where moss is present,” he adds.

“Raking your lawn is a great way to discourage moss; however, if you missed the early spring window, dish soap is the next best thing. said H&G gardening expert Rachel Crow. “This solution uses an ingredient you probably already have in your kitchen, and it can eliminate the problem in just one day.” There are many advantages to this method.

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