REQUEST FOR LETTERS OF INTEREST AND DECLARATIONS OF QUALIFICATIONS UNIVERSITY OF VIRGIINIA CLINICAL LABORATORY BUILDING STUDY RFP # 21-12 consideration in selecting a team of consultants to provide planning, clinical programming, architectural and technical design services to develop alternatives to the relocation of basic laboratory functions from the university hospital in accordance with the latest version of the UVA Higher Education Capital Outlay Manual (HECOM). The design and construction phases of the project will follow this initial planning, programming, land use and design phase. The successful company may be awarded all phases of the project at the discretion of the University, under the same terms and conditions. Program objective and context: The university hospital designed and built in the late 1980s is a level 1 trauma center and houses more than 600 inpatient beds, intervention and operating rooms, specialized diagnostics and a myriad of support functions (see images in Appendix A). Over the past ten years, UVA Medical Center has made major investments in critical infrastructure systems supporting UVA Hospital. However, with the growth in patient volume and the advancement in the number and complexity of clinical laboratory testing protocols available to clinicians, existing UVA clinical laboratory facilities have reached and exceeded their operational capacity and need to be replaced and / or enlarged. The UVA clinical labs are located at several locations in the West Complex and the main lab building on 11th Street and West Main. Completed in 2005, the Core Lab Building was built as an interim solution and was never intended to meet current demand, let alone the long-term needs of clinical laboratories. The Core Lab building was designed as a gateway to the long-term solution of consolidating all clinical laboratory functions into one facility. Over the past decade, at least three program / planning studies have shown that the current clinical laboratory platform has reached or near its maximum capacity in terms of throughput and turnaround time (TAT); the west complex does not have the infrastructure required to support the new test equipment; and HVAC loads in the Core Lab building exceed the designed capacity. The high demands placed on the existing electrical and HVAC systems in the Core Lab building are a result of the evolution of technology and the increase in efficiency and throughput in recent years. In response to the additional mechanical loads, several tactical infrastructure upgrades have been made in an attempt to meet the increasing demands, including replacing chillers, increasing electrical capacity, and upgrading processing systems. air and humidification. While beneficial, these improvements were just enough to keep the building functional. A long-term solution is needed that is designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the current and future needs of UVA Health. A complete copy of this Request for Qualification, including the submission deadline, is available on the Facilities Planning and Construction website, Contract Administration Office at: https://www.fm.virginia.edu/depts/fpc/contractadmin/advertisements.html. All questions should be directed ONLY to Bruce Jackson at 434-924-6387 or [email protected]

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