Ulster DA, do these 5 things to avoid chimney sweep scams

There are many mysteries that homeowners must solve during their “daily life” around their home. One of the biggest mysteries that can cause serious problems for homeowners is the chimney.

Since chimney maintenance and repair can cause so many problems (headaches) and so much stress for homeowners and homeowners, here are a few things the Ulster County Attorney says you should know in order to not to fall victim to another scam, The Chimney Swipe Scam.

What is the first thing to know when hiring someone to examine your chimney?

The first thing to know is that there are not really any regulations or licensing requirements for chimney sweeps in New York State. When you hire someone, ask for recommendations from people you know have hired professionals to check their chimney.

Not sure where to start when hiring a professional?

There is an organization, the Chimney Safety Institute of America, that can be a great resource for the annual maintenance you need to perform on your chimney, as well as help you find leads on who you can hire to help you.

Should I hire someone who goes door to door to offer their services?

Under no circumstances should you hire someone who goes door to door. You need to know that the person who inspects, cleans and possibly repairs your chimney really knows what they are doing.

This chimney sweep is offered at the chimney at a very good price, shouldn’t I just go for it?

Again, you get what you pay for. Admittedly, you might also be very cautious of someone who offers you a very high price as well. The cheapest person or the most expensive person must both be controlled.

Do you think you have been scammed by your chimney sweep?

You’re not alone. Don’t be ashamed, help protect others. Call the Ulster County Attorney’s Office if you live in Ulster County, Consumer Services can be contacted at 845-340-3260 or your local District Attorney’s Office.

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