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The Tyler ISD Board of Directors reviewed the implications of student voting on high school campuses on Monday and approved the addition of bipolar ionization to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, which will reduce allergens and virus transmissions on school campuses.

The board approved the addition of bipolar ionization to HVAC systems, which will reduce the transmission of allergens and viruses, at Birdwell Dual Language Immersion School, Boulter Middle School, Clarkston Elementary, Dixie Elementary, Early College High School, Griffin Elementary, Jones Elementary, Moore Middle School, Orr Elementary, Owens Elementary, Rice Elementary, Three Lakes Middle School, and Woods Elementary.

The approval will allow the engineering services company to be hired to replace HVAC systems or add bipolar ionization to campuses whose systems have reached their lifecycle.

Funding used for the systems will come from the Esser II grant program, no local tax money will be used for the project.

“By using ESSER funds for HVAC unit replacement, it will increase local tax money in the preventive maintenance fund for HVAC unit replacement in the future,” said Tim Loper, director of facility services. Tyler ISD.

Loper also said they hope to install HVAC unit replacements and additions during the summer.

“Once designed by the engineering firm, the project will go to tender and hopefully everything will be installed this summer while the students are not in school,” a- he declared.

With early voting starting this week, Jarrod Bitter presented the school board with an update on high school voter registration.

The results show that Tyler ISD High School campuses consist of 338 students eligible to vote by October 2 and 124 students enrolled. Reports show that eligible students meet the requirement of being 18, which allows them to qualify for the vote.

“What we have found to have the most impact is a teacher, administrator or counselor who looks a child in the eye and talks to them about the possibility of voting and makes sure they have that information. in hand, ”Bitter said. “We hope they enjoy it and understand how privileged it is to be able to have your voice heard.”

Council also approved the proposal to improve the fences at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Mike Carter Field and the approval to replace the electronic marquees at Austin, Bell, Booner, Douglas, Jack, Peete and Ramey elementary schools.

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