TV20 University Athlete of the Week Meldon Law: Calvin Davison (Forest)

OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) – Basketball has always been a passion for Calvin Davison of Forest High School.

“I just love everyone you meet,” Davison said. “I like the game itself. It’s good.”

His love affair with sport comes from his father.

“He’s a coach so that obviously helped me and allowed me to go to summer camps and from there I started playing in some school teams.”

In his senior season, Davison is the Wildcats three-point specialist. In 14 games, he has made 35 trebles, averaging 11 points and four rebounds per game.

Between his deadly jumper and his IQ on the court, he’s the kind of player every coach wants on their roster.

“He always knows where to be,” Forest Boys Basketball head coach Mike Hoffman said. “We still have it on the pitch. It’s hard to get it off the ground. He has an elite gun for shooting basketball, few high school kids have this gun. “

Davison credits his dedication to his craft for his success on the pitch.

“I have a pulling machine at home, so one day I’ll get to it. You can do a lot of shots up to 1000 or whatever, until your arms drop. It’s just a state of mind. You know you have to prepare the shots to be a good shooter, so keep having reps and reps.

When it comes to academics, Davison nails it as well.

He has a gpa of 3.84, while being home schooled his entire life. Davison says he plans to go to public school, but enjoys the comforts of home.

“I like being homeschooled. It gives me great flexibility to do whatever I need to do. It’s just my parents’ decision.

When he’s not honing his game or studying, Davison works for his father’s lawn care business.

“I did a lot of landscaping and stuff. Weekends or summer. I do all. I mow gardens and sometimes I do landscaping.

However, Davison admits he has no plans to make a career out of it.

“It’s hot, it’s dirty, so it’s not me. I like to be clean so it’s not me but it makes me money so I’m going to do it and help her.

While Davison is undecided as to which college or wheat he will major in, his vision for the future is simple: Take one dribble each day at a time.

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