T&T Landscape and Masonry grows from lawn care roots to landscaping: CEG


Over the past few years, T&T has made a significant investment in JCB equipment purchased from Alta Equipment Company, including this JCB 260T track loader. (Photo by Alta Equipment Company)

T&T Landscape and Masonry Inc. was founded in 2005 by Tim Kachnovich as a lawn care and soft landscaping service.

In 2021 Tim’s son Tyler took over the business as President and in the years since the business has grown from its lawn care roots and expanded to landscaping: retaining walls, patios, walkways and other masonry projects.

Tim oversees landscaping and maintenance operations, and Tyler oversees masonry, landscaping, material sales and excavation projects. The winter weather forces the teams to clear snow from their customers, who are strictly commercial.

T&T Landscape and Masonry specializes in all phases of masonry construction (brick, block and stone) and landscaping construction (patios, walkways, retaining walls, fire pits and outdoor living). The company also provides chimney construction, repair and cleaning, and all phases of excavation and trucking, including gas lines, drainage, clay and gravel work.

In recent years, T&T has made significant investments in JCB equipment purchased from Alta Equipment Companyincluding skid steer loaders, compact loaders and wheel loaders.

“We currently have four pieces of JCB equipment,” Tyler said. “One of our most popular JCB machines is our JCB Teleskid. The extendable boom is ideal for unloading pallets. With the Teleskid’s boom function, reaching the last pallet is no longer a problem.

“The boom also gives us grading flexibility that a traditional skid steer loader does not. Safety is very important to us and the visibility of the JCB is so much better than any other machine that we know our operators are in a much better position to operate safely.”

T&T also has a JCB 260T crawler loader, a JCB 215 skid steer loader as well as a JCB 427 3 yard. 179 hp wheel loader. The wheel loader is mainly used as a snow removal machine for 30 acres of land in a hospital, which has zero tolerance for ice or snow areas. Outside of the winter months, it is used to load mulch into T&T’s material yard.

“We’ve invested a lot in JCB equipment, but when we invest in equipment, it’s not really the brand we invest in; it’s the dealer who sells the equipment. We’ve had a very good experience with Alta Equipment and that’s why we’re sticking with JCB.

“We are experts in what we do – landscaping and landscaping. We are not experts in servicing and maintaining construction equipment, so we rely heavily on Alta Equipment to do that for us.”

“With supply chain disruptions, getting almost anything, parts in particular, has been a real nightmare for everyone. But we haven’t really experienced that with JCB and Alta Equipment. People Alta Equipment are great to work with. Our Sales Rep, Richard Loabe, was a real asset. He’s easy to reach and keeps us well informed.”

Another key part of T&T’s relationship with Alta Equipment is matching the right accessories to its gear, especially the Arctic Sectional Sno-Pushers.

“So far we’ve invested in three Arctics and we’re very happy with them,” Tyler said. “Because Sno-Pushers are built in sections, they conform to the contour of the surface being plowed. A traditional snow pusher will miss a lot of the surface and you will have to go back and use lots of salt and sand to compensate for areas where the blade did not contact the asphalt or concrete surface.These are truly top quality snow throwers, and I would recommend them to anyone.

“Yes, they definitely cost more, but we recouped that money the first year we used them. The fact that the snow pusher releases in sections when it hits a foreign object such as a curb or manhole can save us thousands of dollars in liability and property damage.”

Accessibility and comfort are other key features T&T seeks: getting in and out of the machine through a side door makes a lot more sense than having to climb over a bucket up front, Tyler added.

“What we love most about JCB machines is the innovation – a skid steer loader with a telescopic boom and side entry door. It’s real innovation, and that’s one of the reasons We started with JCB Innovation was the reason we purchased Arctic snow throwers from Alta Equipment, so we appreciate that Alta Equipment represents companies that bring us new and innovative ideas.

Tyler was also impressed with the operator comfort of the JCB machines, which he called “the most comfortable machines [he] has never been in it.”

“Obviously there is a learning curve to adapt to the controls of any new machine, but the learning curve was short.

“As a landscape contractor, we pay attention to quality. We choose quality over quantity, which means we don’t take on too many jobs. Taking care to know that we can handle the jobs we We go above and beyond with every single project we do to make sure our foundations are solid and our completed projects will last.”

For more information, visit www.tandtlawncare.org/ and www.altaequipment.com/.

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