Tree Davis announces stewardship awards

Tree Davis, a local non-profit organization dedicated to planting and maintaining shade trees in the area, has decided to recognize individuals and groups who have worked to improve the health of our town’s trees by conserving them, helping to establish saplings or promoting tree education.

Award recipients are honored in three categories this year: Individual Awards, Research Awards and Group Awards.

Individual price

“We especially want to honor the residents of Davis who took it upon themselves to give saplings planted near their properties the water they needed each week,” said Public Outreach Committee Chairman Don Shor.

“It is well known that the success of an urban tree is closely linked to the care it receives during the first two years. Tree Davis arborists and volunteers hand-water the trees we plant each year, using a water truck with a tank to provide what they need. It really helps our team when we know someone is taking the time to do it.

So to David Thompson, who uses a simple garden cart and five gallon buckets of water to care for several of the trees Tree Davis has installed, thank you! “

Tree Davis’ board and staff were especially thrilled with his photos of its human-powered irrigation system and felt it demonstrated how one simple act can make the biggest difference.

Bruce de Terra is the recipient of the first annual Tree Davis Research Stewardship Award for his diligent assessment of mower damage to saplings. His work will help volunteers and park maintenance staff develop practices to protect saplings and increase the success rate of Tree Davis plantings. Erin Donley Marineau / Courtesy Photo

Research grant

Executive Director Erin Donley Marineau appointed Bruce de Terra, who completed the Certified Naturalist Training Program in California through Tuleyome with a project focused on Urban Trees in the City of Davis.

Protecting newly planted trees from injury is crucial for their success. The extent of damage from lawn mowers has been observed but not fully documented to date. Bruce performed a detailed assessment of 228 trees and found that 114 of them had mower damage, some with serious trunk injuries.

Marineau notes that “documenting the extent of lawn mower impacts and identifying specific injured trees can provide the data needed to develop policies and corrective actions to reduce or eliminate lawn mower impacts and increase health. and the longevity of trees.

Tree Davis worked with Bruce to get mulch around all of the trees. He intends to provide his research data to the Trees Commission and the Parks Department so that lawn mowing practices can be changed.

We thank Bruce for his diligent assessment of this critical time in the growth of these trees that we are planting. ”

Community group award

West Pond, located near Lake Blvd and Arlington in West Davis, began as a stormwater retention pond and is now fully developed wildlife habitat and a public resource.

Friends of West Pond is a community group that came into being organically to work with the city to maintain and protect native trees, shrubs and plantations, improve wildlife, and provide public access.

The West Pond is a great example of suitable landscape ideas for our area, incorporating native flowering plants and others, some of which are intended to attract pollinators, hummingbirds and other beneficial insects.

A new direction for Tree Davis is Climate Ready Landscaping, emphasizing tree-compatible plant choices that meet the demands of a warm climate with intermittent droughts, heavy soils, periodic flooding and other challenges. . Sites like West Pond are living laboratories for climate-resistant plants. And West Pond is the kind of partnership between committed volunteers and the city that sets an example for the community.

This simple human powered sprinkler system was enough to get several of Tree Davis’ newly installed trees through one hot summer! Davis resident David Thompson took it upon himself to provide several saplings with this crucial care. He will receive the Individual Stewardship Award at an upcoming Tree Davis event. David Thompson / Courtesy Photo

Jo Ellen Ryan and Gene Trapp are the original founders of the group, along with former Davis resident Paul Schneeman. About ten or more volunteers meet on Wednesday mornings to take care of the site. For more information, check out Friends of West Pond on Facebook.

Tree Davis salutes the founders and volunteers of Friends of West Pond for creating and sustaining this unique Davis resource, thanking them for their countless hours of community service! Board chairman Dr Greg McPherson met with the group recently to tour the site and presented them with strong shovels to help them continue their efforts.

All of these exemplary winners will be honored at the Tree Davis Legacy Celebration on October 23, 2021, at Memorial Grove near Shasta Drive. This free event is open to the public. For more information visit:

Watch for more information on these new annual awards each fall by visiting the website at as well as on social networks.

Tree Davis is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting and caring for trees in Davis and surrounding communities, supporting education and public awareness about the benefits of trees and their good management. For more information on events and projects, and more resources, visit

For more information, contact Shor at [email protected]

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