Toro Launches New Home Lawn Care Equipment at Equip Expo 2022

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BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota – Toro is showcasing several new home equipment solutions that will transform lawn care for homeowners at Equip Expo 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky.

NEW state-of-the-art robot mower

Available to consumers in spring 2023, the new battery-powered robotic mower represents the latest smart, connected technology for homeowners and their gardens.

With the industry’s first vision-based tracking system and wireless navigation, setup is simple and suitable for every jobsite. This mower can navigate tight spaces and move around structures such as trees and landscaping. It is also capable of traversing surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks, to service all areas of the property.

Another great feature is the dedicated smartphone app that allows owners to customize their mowing schedule, whether around work, sleep or travel. Homeowners can also adjust the cutting height to ensure optimal lawn health. Additionally, the mower has third-party security certification, anti-theft features, slope-friendly cutting capabilities, and quiet functionality.

Toro’s very first lifestyle product

Toro is also excited to introduce consumers to its first-ever lifestyle product, the Flex-Force® Impulse Endeavor Inverter. This 330W UPS with 400W peak capacity is designed to power electronic devices or be used as a portable power source to recharge customers’ most valuable equipment. The Impulse Endeavor gives users the ability to take power where they need it.

NEW attachment-compatible mower system

Now homeowners can tackle all their lawn care projects with the new Toro 60V Max* accessory-compatible trimmer, powered by the Flex-Force power system. The 60V Max Attachment Capable system’s versatile power head can also be used with a number of tool attachments – including a string trimmer, cultivator, edger, pole saw or trimmer. pole hedge – to quickly complete any lawn maintenance job.

This mower can switch from a 14″ cut to a 16″ cut and use variable speed control when and where the job calls for it. Professional grade 0.095″ line also comes standard, allowing the user to rip through thick weeds and grass without breaking a line. Plus, the Flex-Force 60V power system and 3-phase brushless motor with RunSmart® Onboard Intel optimizes RPMs and torque for more power and range when needed.

NEW 21″ 60V belt Mower

The 60V Max 21 in. All-Electric Strip Mower features patent-pending pro-level strip technology to deliver a remarkable lawn while redefining mowing in a powerful way.

Part of the Toro family of over 75 outdoor power tools powered by the fully interchangeable 60V battery system, the new stripe trimmer delivers up to 65 minutes of run time on a single charge of the 60V battery while that the dual LED headlights make it possible to mow. morning, noon or evening. Dual blades surgically cut and re-cut grass into fine clippings, while the lightweight 21″ cutting deck easily maneuvers tight mowing areas and is up to 25% lighter than comparable battery-powered mowers. It’s also engineered to deliver industry-leading cutting and shredding performance.

An adjustable speed button and turbo options give the user power on demand, and reliable push-button starting ensures the new stripe trimmer starts the first time, every time. When not in use, the mower can save customers valuable storage space with SmartStow®saving up to 70% more space in their garage for other tools and toys.

NEW eTimeMaster®

The new eTimeMaster takes over the popular TimeMaster from Toro® platform, known for covering more ground in less time, and the team of hours of battery life.

Featuring the same proven dual-force cutting technology as the TimeMaster, the eTimeMaster features Toro’s Timed Dual-Blade System that allows operators to mow a 30″ wide swath without missing a single blade of grass. Done Part of the Toro family’s fully interchangeable 60V battery, it features a three-port battery powerhead, so runtime can be customized for your mowing needs. an hour on one battery, adding up to three batteries to the powerhead makes the new eTimeMaster capable of cutting more than an acre of grass with up to 100 minutes of run time.

Dual LED headlights allow for early morning or evening mowing, while a steering wheel-style handle engages Toro’s personal rhythm® automatic transmission that senses and smoothly adapts to your preferred walking pace. Equipped with Toro’s Quick Stow storage handle for easy and compact storage, the new eTimeMaster is a battery-powered dream for mowing more grass in less time.

Updated 22″ rebreather®

Leveraging proven engineering, the all-new 22″ Recycler (Model 21467) delivers the perfect cut every time, while feeding the lawn with Lawn Vitamins™ using Toro’s Recycler Cutting System. Plus, the built-in Vortex™ technology provides more airflow to optimize your grass cutting. .

For more information on these new Toro consumer products, visit Bull’s website. To find out where to buy these products, please visit the Toro Locator Where The reception deposit.

*Battery manufacturer’s rating = 60V maximum and 54V typical use.
Actual voltage varies with load.

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