Top 10 Slice-Of-Life Anime That Need A Reboot, Ranked

There is a special bond that anime fans develop with slice of life anime. They can take their time developing their shows at a relaxed pace. This gives audiences insight into the mundane nature of the characters’ lives, allowing them to foster stronger attachments to the cast. The pacing is normally very easygoing, which makes watching anime soothing and enjoyable.

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Fans receive a range of slice-of-life anime each season. It is a staple in the diet of the modern anime watcher. In this climate, old slice-of-life titles have a chance to return with a reboot. With the right team and the right direction, anime reboots can be amazing. Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunterand Fruit basket are examples of shows that shine brighter on their second attempt. This revitalization may help some shows left in the past.

ten The tree is to repackage Sunshine Sketch under his matured leadership

The late 2000s in anime was dominated by a slew of cute girls doing cute things, ranging from Good star at Clannad. Sketch of the sun was a gem of that era, but not popular enough to reach most viewers. It follows the charming Yamabuki Art High School students, as they help each other with schoolwork and live alone in a dormitory.

By remaking the show, legendary Shaft director Akiyuki Shinbo can give Sketch of the sun more attention and a new spin. His direction with the slice-of-life anime has matured, especially after Mars is coming like a lion. It can keep the visual flair strong while giving the show more room to breathe.

9 Happy-Go-Lucky Shojo will be back in vogue with Super GALS!

The Shojo anime is going through a bit of a drought. Fewer and fewer of the best shojo manga are being adapted, and a good percentage of new seasonal shojo are sequels or new installments of existing franchises. Now would be the perfect time to reintroduce slice-of-life comedy that makes sense.

Great GAL! is a show about fashionable high school girls who want to shop in Shibuya and protect her from trouble. Everything about the show is silly, and it celebrates it. Joy is contagious. However, the animation is dated. Modern anime direction could really improve its visual appeal. The seasonal format could also help the show by dividing its length into manageable seasons.

8 There’s plenty of room to reinvent the classic Princess Sara

As one of the most highly regarded members of the World Masterpiece Theater, the reboot Princess Sarah comes with risks. Redoing it without making changes would just seem pointless, while changing too much could destroy what makes it special. The studio running it must assess the strengths of the original, while making the anime digestible for modern audiences.

The anime needs to find a way to shorten its runtime, while enhancing the appeal of its slice-of-life elements. Melodrama is powerful, but the sweet little moments should shine just as well. If done right, it can reintroduce classic stories to modern audiences.

seven Yawara! Could be Naoki Urusawa’s fever return

Naoki Urusawa is the famous manga creator of classics like Freak, 20th century boyand Pluto. Fans remember him mostly for these works, but before any of them were done, there was Yawara! A comedy showing the daily struggles of a young high school girl who just wants to live a normal life. Her attempts are constantly thwarted by her grandfather who wants to push her to become an Olympian in judo.

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Current watchers can see what Urusawa’s humor is like, which would hopefully inspire studios to adapt his other manga. A few tweaks to the series’ outdated sensibilities, and it could be an amazing sight for today’s anime scene.

6 Nobody’s Boy Remi has intense melodrama

Nobody’s Boy Remi is a story modern fans need to see. It’s sadder and heavier than most other slice-of-life anime, but the drama is worth it. It is one of the major achievements of the late great Osamu Dezaki, the director responsible for Tomorrow Joe and Rose of Versailles.

Thanks to its staging, the melodrama of the show is elevated to extreme heights. It’s heartbreaking, cathartic and rewarding to watch. The look of the series is far too dated for modern anime fans, but a remake can introduce them to the classic. It would take an inspired and respectful staging, but it is possible.

5 Romeo’s Blue Sky is an uplifting story for all ages

In the midst of all difficulties and trials, Romeo’s blue sky is a deeply optimistic and romantic story. It shows the drama of child slavery in 19th century Europe, but it does not submit to the negativity of the situation. The anime takes time to show the budding friendship between the children working as chimney sweeps. Their friendship is the catalyst that allows them to honor their contracts.

The city of Milan is detailed and vivid in the anime. A reboot has the potential to resonate again, especially with an updated aesthetic. The show’s slice-of-life elements will transport it into a new era and prove it timeless.

4 Everyone Should Live Dr. Slump’s Goofy Hijinks Again

This may be the best time to Dr. Slump go back. Slice-of-life comedies with kids are trending thanks to Spy x Family. Arale’s hilarious naivety would make for a great focal point, even by contemporary standards. On top of that, pop culture references would still work as most Western references are from franchises that are still relevant.

Dividing the length of the show into seasons will make it manageable for fans. Akira Toriyama’s name still shines with anime fans, so there will be almost no pushback if the remake is done well.

3 Maison Ikkoku may rise above its cult status

There is a reboot for Urusei Yatsura which will breathe new life and foster a new fan base. As incredible as it is, Ikkoku House would benefit from a remake much more than Urusei Yatsura. The former is already an iconic work that has defined the romantic comedy genre since the 80s.

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As a slice of life anime, it’s easier for fans to develop a connection with the cast of Ikkoku House. Kyouko is a great but complicated female lead and Godai is painfully relatable as an aimless student. This anime has the potential to be as popular as Takahashi’s other works.

2 Candy Candy is warm, emotional and surprisingly bold

As for classic shojo anime, candy candy asset. The show contains a cheerful orphan as the main character, a treasured childhood memory, several dignified male characters who serve as friends and love interests, rivalries with jealous girls, and World War I.

He organically constructs his universe and his characters but does not hesitate to involve them in difficult situations. A reboot with multiple seasons can introduce modern viewers to the heights of ’70s shojo. It’s delightful and rewarding. With modern visuals and sensibilities, the reboot has a chance to thrive.

Yokohama Shopping Diary is an original video animation, containing only 2 episodes of the manga story. Although the anime is enjoyable, it doesn’t give the audience enough content to really elevate the story. It’s a shame because Yokohama Shopping Diary is considered one of the greatest manga in the slice-of-life genre, if not the greatest.

His quaint, picturesque portrayal of humanity’s last years is a mix of wholesome everyday banter and listless loneliness. It is deceptively powerful when presented in its entirety. A good manga adaptation could revolutionize the slice-of-life genre for anime fans.

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