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The ex-PM came under fire from caller Rebecca who slammed Mr Blair for charging Brits for university tuition. Before Mr Blair, university tuition was free, but now students pay up to £9,000 a year. Appellant Rebecca explained that there is a lack of options and pathways for young people who do not want to go to university. Appellant Rebecca also shared how many people she went to school with felt pressured by teachers to take the college route to earn a degree.

Mr Vine said: “I was about to tell Owen that the newspaper columnist is actually like a child chimney sweep, a defunct profession.

“You’re going to tell me that’s not the case, aren’t you?”

Caller Rebbeca told Jemery Vine: “Well I’m actually on the opposite side of this one so I think it’s really rich of Blair to tell someone who hasn’t probably didn’t have to pay for his degree.

“Telling people, you have to go to college now, when he paid the fees.

“I’m not saying college isn’t good for a lot of people, but some people aren’t cut out for college.

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Caller Rebecca added: “When I was at school, everyone was hitting, all the teachers like you have to go! You have to go, and some people were getting mad.

“It’s not something they want to do, but they were getting yelled at by the teachers like it was what they had to do.”

Journalist and political commentator, Owen Jones continued with his comments on Mr Blair’s statement on Jeremy Vine.

Mr Jones said: ‘I think college is a social good, it’s good for students and it’s good for society and I think there’s a whole range of different degrees that I’m not going to not be snobby and who do a great job in creating well-rounded individuals.

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Mr Jones added: “Listen, I don’t like Tony Blair and his horrible interventions, I wish he would shut up.

“But I think in this particular case, I’m sympathetic because the fact is that almost all middle-class kids go to college.”

Many young people in the UK worry about student loan repayments and job prospects after graduating.

Due to the rising costs of earning a degree, many have suggested that other options such as more apprenticeships and paid programs should become available.

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Due to the rising cost of living in the UK and increased National Insurance, many students will be hard hit financially.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has been criticized for the changes.

National Union of Students President Larissa Kennedy said what a “shame” Mr Sunaks Spring’s statement was.

“Students are paying hundreds of extra pounds in energy bills, relying on food banks due to soaring inflation and having to choose between heating and eating,” she said.

‘Instead of addressing these issues, today’s announcements saw the government say it would take an extra £35billion from graduates through changes to student loans over the next five years.’

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