Thursday, November 17, 2022 – La Minute Monocle

While the dust has yet to settle after the US midterm elections, at least one thing is clear: Republicans have not claimed the resounding victory everyone was expecting. At the very least, that should mean that Washington’s support for Ukraine remains unwavering, despite the likely nomination of the relatively dovish Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives. So the flow of arms to Kyiv, via NATO’s Eastern European members (including Poland), is likely to continue unabated – for now.

As the first anniversary of the Russian invasion approaches, both sides seem prepared for the long haul. But how long are Ukraine’s allies ready to fulfill their commitments? On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced his 2024 candidacy for the White House. He is a politician who thrives on chaos, so he must believe that next year will bring more. Uncertainty being the only certainty in geopolitics, how can we consider what comes next with anything other than apprehension? Get a copy of The forecasts will help.

Our forward-looking collection features expert opinion on what Europe’s return to war has taught us about the shifting sands of power, along with a dispatch from the front line. We also examine where the next war could break out and heat up the streets of New York, wondering how best to solve the problems (from crime to work and housing) that are engulfing the great American city. There are also beautifully shot pieces about what’s likely to happen next year in the worlds of business, culture, design and fashion. The forecasts shines a light on the darkness to come and sees that there is something to be positive about – and plenty to work on.

Alexis Self is Monocle’s foreign editor. For more on the future of geopolitics, business and more, pick up your copy of “The Forecast,” on newsstands today.

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