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These minutes are subject to the approval of the municipal commission. TOWN OF FARGO COMMISSION MINUTES 5/16/22 Approval of Agenda: Commissioner Strand moved that the agenda be approved as follows: 1. PACE Promissory Note Program Addendum , buyout agreement, escrow agreement and community PACE buyout authorization. with LINCHPIN Grp. LLC. 2. 1st reading of the Ords. Related to: Classification of the Ord. offences; Intl. Building Code; Int. residential code; Intl. Existing building. Coded; Intl. mechanical code; Intl. Fuel Gas Code; Intl. Maint. Coded; Intl. Energy Conservation Code; Fire protection and prevention; Civil service-Rules and regulations. 3. Site Permissions for Gambling. 4. Gambling Requests. 5. Amended wording of Gambling Requirements under Requirement #1. 6. Independent Auditor’s Report and Annual Remuneration. Financial report for the year. until 12/31/20. 7. Amendment to Contract No. 2 with Houston Eng. for project no. FP-19-A0. 8. Amendment to Contract No. 3 with Houston Eng. for project no. FM-19-C0. 9. Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Excavation of the SW Metro Regional Pond (Project # FP-19-A4). 10. Permanent Easement (Dike and Flood Control Retaining Wall), Permanent Easement (Storm Sewer), Easement (Temporary Construction Easement) with Paul J. and Ann L. Jarvis (Project No. FM-19-C). 11. Award of tender to Key Contracting for General Const. for project no. FM-22-C2 and to Rick Electric for Electrical Const. for project no. FM-22-C3 (tender nos. FM-22-C2 and FM-22-C3 replace FM-22-C1). 12. Energy Conservation Program Grant Agreement. with NDDOC. 13. Receive and file general fund – from budget to actual to 4/22 (unaudited). 14. Award of Bid to Northern Truck Equip. for 1 anti-ice pad. 15. Award of tender to NW Iron Fireman for Boilers and to SVL for HVAC Mech. Equipment pack. – Public works. 16. 7th amendment. the lease of rights to the sewer system between the City of Fargo and Harwood. 17. NDDOT Sections 5339 and 5310 Transit Grant Agreements. 18. Transition from drought phase to phase 1 (normal). 19. Tender for the purchase of granular activated carbon filter media for a project at the lime softening water treatment plant. 20. Contract and bond for projects Nos. SL-22-A1 and TN-22-B1. 21. Invoices in the amount of $6,015,714.91. 22. Amendment No. 3 with Apex Eng. Group. for Imp. Dist. No. BR-22-A0. 23. Temp. Road access easement with SV Investments, LLC and W. Willowwood Apts. Fargo (Imp. Dist. No. PR-22-G1). 24. Awarding of the offer for Imp. Dist. Nos. BN-22-L1 and PN-22-A1. 25. Contract and surety for Imp. Dist. Our BN-22-K1 and PR-22-C1. Second by Gehrig. There was unanimous approval. Resident Comments: Branden Krieger spoke. Motion to East. of a working group on street racing lost for lack of a majority: Commissioner Preston proposed approval. Second by Strand. All Commissioners voted yes, except Commissioners Piepkorn, Gehrig and Mahoney voted no and the motion was declared defeated for lack of a majority. Plots of land in Maplewood Estates 2nd Addn. Rezoning, PUD Master Land Use Plan, 1st Reading of Ord. and Plat Approved (5800 and 5820 38th St. S.): Commissioner Preston moved for approval. Second by Piepkorn. There was unanimous approval. Apts. to CIED Committee Approved: Commissioner Piepkorn moved approval. Second by Strand. There was unanimous approval. Update on Roers/Newman Ctr. Project: Asst. City administrator. Michael Redlinger said a proposal from Roers will be discussed at a future executive session. PD instructed to work with Engineering and City Attorney to present revised orders. Regarding designated city center taxi and carpool pick-up areas: Commissioner Preston moved to management. Second by Strand. All Commissioners voted yes except Commissioners Piepkorn and Gehrig who voted no and the motion was declared carried. Tender Announcement for Project No. FM-22-B Approved: Commissioner Strand moved approval. Second by Piepkorn. There was unanimous approval. 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