The Worst Neighbor Annoyances — Ranked

Are your neighbors the worst? Maybe they’re throwing wild parties or looking over the fence. Maybe they’re just making terrible gossip. Either way, you can bet it’s on this list of top neighbor frustrations.

The recent survey, produced by Lombardo Homes, includes comments from a range of Americans. And it seems annoying neighbors are everywhere. More than half of those questioned currently live close to a troublesome neighbour: 57% of owners of single-family homes declare this as well as 28% of people living in apartments.

But, in addition to revealing their neighbours’ most offensive behaviors, respondents also said they had dealt with them.

The top 20 nuisances from neighbors

1. Noise
2. Do not clean up after pets
3. Intrusive/curious
4. Parking problems
5. Children without supervision
6. Aggressive animals
7. Loud/noisy footsteps
8. Cigarette smoke
9. Neglected Landscaping
10. Passive Aggression
11. Overflowing garbage
12. Odors
13. Marijuana smoke
14. Grumpy
15. Dirty House Exterior
16. Too Talkative
17. Unsightly storage
18. Not cleaning up after the kids
19. Trespass
20. Public Intoxication

Unsurprisingly, the number one annoyance was the noise. And the homebuilder’s investigation delved deeper into the matter. In the noise category, the biggest complaints were, in order: loud music, shouting, loud children, and loud outdoor work (such as lawn maintenance or construction). Most respondents agreed that loud noises should stop at 10 p.m.

But what about when people refuse to keep it?

Most respondents (37%) said they had confronted a neighbor face to face about frustrations, while 20% made formal complaints. Seventeen percent admitted to doing something else annoying as revenge.

Sometimes, however, nothing seems to work. And that’s when you might want to move. Seventeen percent of respondents said they chose not to re-sign a lease because of their neighbors, while 14% decided to move.

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