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“When you visit the Dole plantation here on O’ahu or buy a Dole pineapple, you are supporting the legacy of Hawai’i colonizers.”

A popular Twitter activist has the fast food world on its heels, as well as island tourists, by claiming that “the strong association between Hawai’i and pineapples (Hawaiian pizza) is racist, exploitative heavenly propaganda! »

Twenty-four-year-old “bisexual black/kānaka maoli beauty” oni ku’ulei, pronouns she/her, exposed her explosive tract in a Twitter thread, her opening gambit generating a wild 34.5k likes, 7,866 retweets and 173 comments.

When you visit the Dole plantation here on O’ahu or buy a Dole pineapple, you are supporting the legacy of Hawai’i settlers. Just a few fruits to ponder…

Here is your reminder that the strong association between Hawai’i and pineapples (“Hawaiian” pizza, etc.) is racist and exploitative paradise propaganda. Pineapples are used to sell the fantasy of a tropical Hawaiian utopia to tourists. In fact, pineapples are native to South America.

Sanford B. Dole argued for the colonization, or “Westernization” of Hawaiian land, ppl, culture, & gvmt. With success. He was the first “president” of Hawai’i in 1894, although Hawai’i was not officially annexed (STOLEN) until 1898. The Doles found themselves in Hawai’i after its…

…great-grandfather left for Hawai’i as a Christian missionary with the intention of erasing native Hawaiian culture, beliefs, rituals, etc. James Dole, Sanford’s brother, is responsible for the pineapple industry in Hawai’i (circa 1901). Business was good! Finally… Dole had to respond to labor requests. The native Hawaiian population was severely disabled due to disease that colonizers brought to the islands, a problem that still plagues Hawai’i to this day. Thus, Dole hired and transported workers from the plantations of…Philippines, Japan, China and Portugal. That’s why many Hwns have mixtures of these ethnicities (like me – Black, Hwn, Chinese, Filipino). Why almost all settler families are from these places. It has a lot to do with why the stereotypical visual of a Hawaiian is Asian.

Hawai’i being a paradise utopia – Hawai’i doesn’t just exist in your dream vacation. Hawai’i is a real place, with real people, and the native population is struggling. Homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, food insecurity, no living wage and high rent AF.

Here’s a fun fact, it’s no longer profitable to grow Dole pineapples in Hawai’i. They now grow the majority of their stock in the Philippines and are able to profitably reap the benefits of the perfect Hawaiian fantasy/frontage. Dole earned $9.3 billion in 2021.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation when visiting Oahu, the train ride, the plantation garden tour, the chocolate-making demonstrations as well as the chocolate maze. pineapple tree a treat for young and old and all very well priced at thirteen dollars for adults and seven dollars for children.

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