The Windmill Blossoms and JB Lawn Care Open Joint Store in Uehling Town Center | Local


With flowers from Jean Schafersman and his own lawn care services, Joe Brown said it makes perfect sense to team up.

“She was looking for a building and we kind of wanted to start something, and it kind of came together and the rest is what you see today,” he said.

On Friday, the two and their spouses opened The Windmill Blossoms and JB Lawn Care in a former co-op building at 315 W. Fifth St. in downtown Uehling. Its official opening will take place until Sunday.

The store carries gift items and floral services from Jean and Mark Schafersman, as well as lawn care supplies and other items from Joe and Burgandy Brown.

Store hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, noon to 8 p.m. Thursdays, and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays. It will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Joe Brown started JB Lawn Care in 2017 from Pilger. Last year there opened a store with trucks and equipment to service Norfolk in Decatur.

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“I was basically looking for another outlet to serve customers in the lawn care industry,” he said. “And then I knew we needed an outlet to have full-time employees, so it was kind of to keep them busy during the winter months.”

With Joe and Burgandy’s wedding on October 2, Jean Schafersman was hired as a wedding planner. A distant cousin of Joe Brown, Schafersman got to know the couple better throughout the process.

“In November, Joe knew I wanted this, so it all happened, all this building, this product, all in a month,” she said. “These children are go-getters. “

Schafersman worked as an event planner and flower organizer for about 20 years from her home.

“My first time really liked flowers, I was 16 and started arranging them,” she said. “So it’s been on my bucket list for a long time, so I’m really, really excited. “

While renovating the building, Burgandy Brown said the process was long.

“We had Joe’s dad, he really helped us out a lot with the construction,” she said. “Our whole family has helped a lot. “

In April, new walls were erected after emptying the interior of the building.

“We tried to keep things as original as possible,” said Burgandy Brown. “These are the original floors, and this is one of the original walls of the old co-op.”

And adding the Schafersmans, Joe Brown said it’s not hard to find room for them.

“It flowed together, and we couldn’t have asked for better than to bring Jean here,” he said.

Along with The Windmill Blossoms, the store sells personalized gifts, general items and flower arrangements.

“I also do full events, birthday parties, Christmas parties and of course weddings,” Schafersman said. “And then hopefully in the spring we’ll have flowering and gardening plants, all of those types of things.”

The JB Lawn Care side will provide feed for various farm animals, as well as lawn care equipment, machine oil, and customizable Big Frig coolers and mugs.

“We just picked a few random items to start off and give the community a feel for what we can do, and then continue with some of the lawn care items as well,” said Burgandy Brown.

Joe Brown said many of the elements will be applicable to both sides of the business, including a five-step fertilizer program.

“It worked really well, with the flowers and the greens,” he said. “(Schafersman) owns all the plants, so it made sense that we wanted to expand the landscaping side of things. “

Schafersman said the pairs will listen to the Uehling community and what their needs are when making decisions about future stock.

“Some people ask us the question, ‘Why did you choose Uehling?’ She said. “Well, we feel like they almost picked us, and we got there that way. They’ve all reached out, and whatever we need, they’re there for us.

Joe Brown said he looks forward to further opportunities for the company in the spring.

“I think then we will bring a lot of plants and we will also take care of the maintenance of Uehling’s lawns,” he said. “So I am delighted to serve the community. “

As he prepared to open the store, Schafersman said many tears had been shed.

“We all have a servant’s heart and we just want to serve,” she said. “So we were very blessed that all of this happened in such a short time. “

Burgandy Brown said she was just thrilled to be able to provide exciting opportunities for the Uehling community.

“It’s the most important thing for us,” she said, “is to serve the community and hopefully make someone’s day easier. “

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