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(AP) – A mulligan is a golf term, of course. Pro Picks would like to apply it to the NFL.

We would love the opportunity to revisit one of the picks this week – made before all games are played – which are being messed up due to more issues related to the pandemic. Some of our Week 15 picks fell into this category, with lists severely depleted by COVID-19 after selection.

We have an agreement?

Either way, as the 49ers leap, the Titans stumble.

With three weeks left in the regular season, the last game on Thursday night – barring COVID-19 rescheduling – has all kinds of playoff implications. The key in Nashville could be Tennessee’s defense against the rushed Niners game. Tennessee allowed a combined 43 rushing yards in the last two games. San Francisco ranks fourth in the NFL averaging 142.3 yards per game and has a special point guard in wide receiver Deebo Samuel.

Samuel rushed, yes rushed, for seven touchdowns, at least one in five straight games while sometimes being used out of the backfield, on reaction sweeps and other ways. He’s the first Super Bowl-era wide receiver to do this and the third 49ers player since the 1970 merger to have a TD in at least five consecutive games.

The 49ers (8-6) have won five of six games and are 5-2 on the road. They could solidify their position as a wild-card team with a win.

Tennessee is 9-5 and remains in first place in the AFC South. But the Titans have struggled recently.

No.12 San Francisco is a 3 1/2 point favorite at No.9 Tennessee.

49ERS, 23-17

POOL KO’d: The Dolphins won against the Jets, who we considered picking this week. Then we woke up and chose PHILADELPHIA.

No. 11 Los Angeles Chargers (minus 9 1/2) at No. 31 Houston

The Chargers are in the middle of a playoff push that will likely succeed.


No. 8 Indianapolis (plus 1 1/2) vs. No. 7 Arizona, Saturday

Indy plays well and has a good balance. The Cardinals haven’t posted much lately.


# 19 Cleveland (plus 7) at # 1 Green Bay, Saturday

We also considered this for the best bet, but the weather throughout December at Lambeau Field is tricky.

PACKERS, 27-16

No. 10 Buffalo (plus 2 1/2) to No. 6 New England

The Bills could return to the AFC East race and bring Miami with them. Corn …


No. 17 Miami (plus 3 1/2) at No. 18 New Orleans, Monday evening

Whoever wins this one will be fit for a wild-card challenge.


No. 22 Denver (plus 1 1/2) at No. 21 Las Vegas

Whoever wins this one will be fit for a wild-card challenge.

RAVIERS, 23-20

No. 14 Baltimore (plus 2 1/2) to No. 13 Cincinnati

Pro Picks can’t believe we’ve come to this in AFC North.


No. 15 Pittsburgh (plus 7 1/2) to No. 2 Kansas City

Of course, the Steelers could have a say in AFC North. Or maybe not.

CHEFS, 27-16

No.4 Los Angeles Rams (minus 3) vs. No.16 Minnesota

The Vikings probably need to win this to remain viable for a wildcard spot. No.

RAMS, 31-26

No. 3 Tampa Bay (minus 11) to No. 26 Carolina

Considering the Bucs’ understaffing, the betting line could be too high.


No.20 New York Giants (plus 10) vs. No.28 Philadelphia

Considering the Giants’ understaffing, the betting line could be too low.

EAGLES, 30-13

No. 23 Washington (plus 10 1/2) to No. 5 Dallas

That line seems about right, especially if Washington can pick up a few pieces.

COWBOYS, 20-10

# 27 Chicago (plus 6) to # 25 Seattle

Rookie Justin Fields would one day like to be compared to vintage Russell Wilson.


Detroit No.29 (plus 6) vs. Atlanta No.24

The Lions have already blasted first place in the overall draft.

FALCON, 22-17

No. 32 Jacksonville (plus 1) at No. 30 New York Jets

Even with their lack of talent and their worries about COVID-19, the Jets are better.

JETS, 21-15


Last week: Direct: 11-5. Against propagation: 8-8.

Season: Straight: 145-78-1. Against propagation: 125-96-2.

Best bet: Straight: 9-5-1. Against propagation: 10-5.

Upset Special: Straight: 12-2. Against spread: 12-2.

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