The One Mary Poppins Filming Moment That Freaked Julie Andrews Out

One of the most iconic visuals from “Mary Poppins” is the sight of Julie Andrews using her umbrella to fly over London. As whimsical as these scenes seem, making them was another story. In an interview with Andrews for The Hollywood Reporter, the outlet commented on how difficult “Mary Poppins” must have been to shoot. In response, Andrews brought up what she considers to be the most daunting task.

“They saved all the difficult flying stuff to the end in case of a crash,” Andrews says. “So I was up there for hours hanging out in my flying harness, doing songs and mics and so on. And I felt myself falling about a foot and freaking out like you don’t I didn’t believe and I said… ‘Could you let me down very carefully when I come down? And then I fell to the ground like a ton of bricks.’

Andrews’ ordeal certainly looks hectic, and it led to a moment you probably wouldn’t see making the cut in a Disney picture. She continued: “Luckily there was plenty of balancing gear to help me out when I fell…but I let out a few swear words that I didn’t know if anyone had ever heard me utter before. .”

By the time its 2018 sequel “Mary Poppins Returns” was made, you’d think the flight scenes should be easier to pull off… right? However, even Emily Blunt, who took on the role of the beloved nanny in the follow-up film, also found the task of filming the flight scenes daunting (via ET Online). It only goes to prove that even more than 50 years later, the effort that went into creating the original film remains a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious achievement.

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