The garage is the hottest renovation project this year, so much so that a company is growing

Peterborough, UK – With the pandemic causing a huge increase in the number of people working from home, there has been an increased demand for people wanting to convert their garages into living spaces. In fact, more than 25% more applications for these developments were filed last year in the UK.

With the rising cost of living there is a trend that people are now far more likely to stay in their current home and invest in converting a garage or spare room than putting it on the market and move.

“We’ve been completing garage conversions for many years now but I’ve never seen it so busy,” said Mr Featherstone, managing director of Peterborough Improvements, a property renovation and maintenance company based in the Cambridgeshire.

“We have seen a threefold increase in the rate of requests for our conversion services and due to this demand we have decided to open a new garage conversion business in Stamford and plan to continue to expand further into the Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire later in the year.”

It has to be said, the garage conversion market is changing drastically as more and more people are looking for specific types of spaces, especially since the pandemic.

According to Mr. Featherstone, attached garages have been popular recently as they are ideal for conversion into home offices and playrooms, while individual conversions have grown in popularity as entertainment rooms or home bars with more and more people entertaining themselves at home rather than going out.

He went on to say that ‘planning permission is generally not required as garage conversions generally fall under permitted development, but it is best to check with your local authority before starting any project. Either way, you’ll need to follow the building rules to ensure you don’t have any problems later on if you decide to sell your property.

Sarah Rush, who works for a landscaping SEO firm, has converted her dilapidated garage into a new office and says it’s made a huge difference to her mental state while working from home.

“Before, I found it so difficult to separate my professional life from my family life and it started to depress me.” “I decided to invest in a new office by transforming my old garage and the difference it has made is huge.”

“The work took around 4 weeks in total and included newly insulated walls, new flooring, plastering, new electrical, radiator, brickwork to the front where the garage door was and the installation of new bi-fold doors…love this”.

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