The 21 omissions of D23 this year

D23 Expo is one of Disney’s most anticipated events, and with huge updates on Marvel, Disney Parks, and more, fans had plenty of reason to stay excited about Disney’s upcoming projects.


Nope The Fantastic Four Casting News

No Fantastic Four casting news, no Eternals sequel, no #AntManandTheWaspQuantumania trailer release, no Ms. Marvel season 2 announcement… #D23 #D23Expo #D23Expo2022

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Nope Thieves Squadron Updates

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One of D23’s most shocking revelations this year was the company’s levity star wars new. Perhaps most surprising to some is that there hasn’t been an update on the upcoming big-screen adventure in the star wars universe: Thieves Squadrondirected by Patty Jenkins.


No update on Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

No eternal news, no young avengers news, quantumania and marvels teasers only broadcast exclusively, no hercules news, no gotg news or special holiday preview… I really lost today

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Nope Gravity Falls Updates


Nope The Tower of Terror Updates

Disney gonna look me in the eye and do another Haunted Mansion comedy like the 2003 version didn’t happen? Sorry, but if the new version isn’t scary, I don’t want it. Give me the movie Tower of Terror I deserve cowards.

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No major MCU casting news

D23 Expo 2022 Marvel Studios Rumors That Were False: Cast: Denzel Washington, John Boyega, Giancarlo Esposito, Henry Cavill, Jodie Comer, John Krasinski, Dasiy-Edgar Jones, and Glenn Howerton. NONE of this was true.

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Nope Defenders-The MCU reveals


Not definitive Encanto Attraction announcement


Nope Mary Poppins Attractions Update


Limited Disney Parks Intellectual Property Announcement for Disney+

@Disney @DisneyD23 @DisneyStudios Ok, but after that can we get the ball rolling on my movie “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” please? I’ll buy a ticket to see it right away I promise

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Nope mandalorian In addition to Star tours


Nope Hercules Live Action Movie Update

All the D23 tbh. I wanted a Hercules (Live Action Disney) cast, Deadpool 3 news and a casting announcement for the Fantastic Four…and we got none.

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Nope Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise update


Nope Avatar: The Way of the Water Announcement for Animal Kingdom


No announcement from Keith David for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure


No World Showcase expansions or additions are announced

Also I’m disappointed that every D23 we don’t have a new country for World Showcase. THERE IS SO MUCH SPACE! Using the IP, I don’t care at all. Gimmie Greece with a Hercules ride you won’t hear me complain. Even with the current countries, the lack of expansion/rides SHOCKS me

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Nope x-men MCU Cast Updates

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