Technological developments and changing consumer preferences are essential for a competitive advantage in the lawn mower market

CHICAGO, November 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The lawn care and landscaping industry is gradually reaching maturity in developed countries. Therefore, in order to adapt to changing market dynamics, changing consumer demands and growth, industry suppliers strive to develop new and innovative products.

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Growth Trends in the Garden and Landscaping Market

The landscaping market is growing in regions such as Europe and North America. North America is one of the most urbanized regions in the world. This increase in the building industry has indirectly contributed to the increase in demand for landscaping, which is expected to boost the demand for garden equipment. Rooftop gardening has started to become fashionable as a symbol of biodiversity in dense metropolitan cityscapes such as new York over a decade ago. While different cities need to adapt their gardening efforts to their surroundings, this trend is catching up around the world, in part because of fear of pesticides in commercially grown produce.

The demand for gardening equipment is expected to experience high demand, especially in areas with a large number of parks, golf courses and commercial spaces. Their maintenance maintenance is necessary and obligatory. In addition, the demand for lawn mowers in Europe region is increasing mainly due to industrial end users who use such devices in their respective companies. An increasing number of commercial sites, along with the number of public parks and lawns, is also driving the demand for gardening equipment in the region. Since the garden and turf sectors require a diverse range of activities, the type of equipment required to maintain them also varies, opening up new avenues for suppliers working in this industry.

Suppliers providing value-added services to gain greater market share

Suppliers are pioneers in new application technology and provide services such as lawn aeration, tree and shrub maintenance, and insect and disease control, bundle these service offerings to deliver a more streamlined shopping experience. In addition, to gain more market share, green space and lawn maintenance service providers are developing technology that integrates route optimization technology, geo-measurement, mobile irrigation system controllers. and freestanding equipment.

A change of preference for robotic and zero-turn lawn mowers

Consumers increasingly prefer products such as robotic mowers and these are emerging as a new trend in lawn mowing technology. A robotic lawn mower is an autonomous robot used to cut grass. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these lawn mowers are more practical. These lawn mowers mow the lawn, ensuring the correct height of the grass. Hence, these become a flexible option for end users. Although the initial investment is high, consumers can recoup the cost in two seasons. For properties where the lawn is located in the form of steps, it is difficult to use conventional lawn mowers. Therefore, the compactness of these robotic mowers becomes an ideal solution for consumers. Other technological advancements include the emergence of intelligent controllers that allow users to make changes in real time.

The manufacture of zero-turn lawn mowers has become a necessity to bridge the variety gap and meet the demands of productivity and efficiency. A large number of zero turn mower end customers have migrated to tractor mowers, and these are typically used when there is a large area to cover as they have a precision turn and operate faster than the tractor mowers. other mowers. Deck improvements, fuel injected engines and improved operator comfort, increased uptime are important areas that make these mowers more efficient and suitable for all day operations.

Why is the integration of connected technologies important?

Lawn mower companies are also integrating mobile apps with lawn mowers, which helps consumers manage mowing and lawn mowing. Using compatible apps for iOS and Android, users can monitor the status of their lawn mower and its internal functioning. The Husqvarna Group has selected Telenor Connexion as a regional networking partner for its next-generation lawn mowers and related facilities, a manufacturer and provider of integrated business solutions. Connected lawn mowers are likely to provide remote monitoring services through a smartphone app, in addition to an anti-theft system and other built-in security measures.

Focus on the development of environmentally friendly products

Manufacturers of lawn mowers and garden tools are focusing on developing environmentally friendly products due to emissions concerns from gasoline lawn mowers. One hour of gasoline lawn mower emits up to eight vehicles that operate during the same period. In the United States alone, 17 million gallons of fuel were dumped on the ground each year while refueling lawns and gardens. Battery-powered lawn mowers offer similar performance for the same capacity and life, and battery-powered options reduce harmful emissions. Significantly, battery-powered lawn mowers don’t need to mix and pour fuel, and are simpler, smaller, and easier to operate than gasoline-powered versions. Several industry players are emphasizing the implementation of environmentally sustainable alternatives that produce less toxic emissions and are much superior and offer better efficiency. For example, Kubota ZP330 liquid-cooled propane engine delivers environmentally friendly performance with reduced CO emissions2 compared to diesel and gasoline.

Lawn Mower Market: The Future Outlook

The global lawn market was valued at $ 30.07 billion in 2020 and should reach $ 38.34 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 4.48%. Historically, the demand for lawn mowers has been concentrated in developed western countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. However, developing Asian countries such as China and India are witnessing an increased adoption of electric gardening equipment for lawn care. The Asia Pacific The region is expected to experience strong demand for lawn mower solutions and is expected to grow at a 4.34% CAGR in terms of revenue by 2025. Growing consumer preference for alternative fuel options to save the environment should limit growth for gasoline lawn mowers. However, the trend of developing innovative products, changing dynamics of the landscaping industry and consumer preferences are expected to boost the lawn mower market in the coming years.

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