Superior Extends Local Disaster Emergency, More Residents Returning Home

City leaders voted at a special meeting on Saturday to approve a local emergency disaster resolution.

The news came hours after Superior officials announced they would let residents of areas north of Rock Creek Parkway all the way to McCaslin Boulevard return home.

According to a press release, areas that are not yet open include downtown Superior and areas along South Pitkin Avenue, Indiana Street or Eldorado Drive, Original Town, Coal Creek Crossing or the Sagamore neighborhood.

Residents who live south of Coalton Road enter Colo. 128 and Rock Creek Parkway are allowed access to their homes off Colo. 128, while residents of Bell Flatirons apartments can return home from S. Tyler Drive.

At Saturday’s meeting, city leaders said officials had worked hard to get people back to their homes and hoped to get people back to the Rock Creek area between Coalton Road and Rock Creek Parkway from here. Sunday. In some areas, people can enter their homes, but not stay there.

When asked about opening other areas, city officials said they hoped to get more information at a meeting later today.

The Marshall fire has spread to 6,000 acres, fueled by high winds after it erupted Thursday. At a press conference on Saturday, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said a total of 991 homes were destroyed and 127 structures damaged, including 332 homes destroyed and 60 damaged in Superior. Boulder County officials said on Saturday they believed at least three people were missing and would be dead.

Senior Mayor Clint Folsom said the emergency ordinance approved on Saturday will allow the city to access federal funds.

The resolution was approved for 60 days. Folsom had declared a disaster on Thursday, but the declaration was only effective for seven days, so formal action was needed to prolong it, officials said at the meeting.

“I want to let everyone in the community know that we are deeply devastated,” Folsom said. “I just wanted everyone to know that we are working around the clock to provide the relief and support needed to get through this crisis. “

Water situation

Earlier on Saturday, the Boulder Emergency Management Office said water in areas burned by Marshall Fire was shut off to restore water pressure and prevent pipes from freezing, according to a tweet.

Just before 11 a.m. on Saturday, the tweet indicated that emergency response teams and utility providers were working hard in areas affected by the fire to protect affected homes from further damage.

For residents who have been able to return home, a boil water advisory is in effect. Residents are advised to use bottled water or boil their water for one minute and let it cool before using it before drinking it or using it for cooking or brushing their teeth.

Alex Ariniello, the Superior’s director of public works, said he expects the boil water advisory to be lifted by the middle of the week.

Electricity and gas

Folsom told the meeting that Xcel expects natural gas services to be fully restored to Superior by Tuesday. Electrical services were all scheduled to be restored on Saturday.

About 700 of the 13,000 people across Louisville and Superior who had lost service restored it on Saturday, according to a press release from Xcel.

Xcel Energy officials said in a press release that following the fires and evacuation orders, public safety officials called for natural gas service to be cut Thursday to minimize safety concerns.

Xcel Energy said that, throughout Saturday, 460 employees, contractors and partners were to be on-site to continue damage assessment and repair work to get the system ready to serve customers.

The statement noted that crews would be going door-to-door in Louisville and Superior to rekindle nightlights in homes and businesses when service in an area was restored and people did not need to call Xcel. to rekindle their nightlights.

If customers are not there when teams pass, a door tag will be left behind asking people to call for a re-ignition. People can find progress updates on or on the company’s Facebook page.

Electric heaters available

Xcel provides electric heaters to people who have electricity but no natural gas services. Radiators can be picked up until 8 p.m. Saturday evening and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Superior Community Center, 1500 Coalton Road.

Residents are asked to go through the rear garage doors to receive one.

Heaters can also be picked up between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday or Sunday at the YMCA of Lafayette at 2800 Dagny Way or the Boulder YWCA at 2222 14th St.

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