Suisun club meets for a festive Dickens lunch

Holiday celebration initially planned for 2020 but delayed by a pandemic

SUISUN CITY – Members of the Wednesday Club traveled back in time last week for their December lunch.

A Dickensian theme, originally slated for December 2020, has become a celebration of pandemic survival as well as a chance to commemorate the Christmas season.

Georgia Hanson has signed on to lead the lunch committee ahead of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“I thought a Dickens theme would be fun, but when that didn’t happen because of Covid, we postponed the year’s lunch until this year,” she shared in an email .

“It gave me over a year to think about it, do research, swindle my friends, family and members of the Wednesday club to be the characters and create all the costumes, props, toys, adornments.” and decorations that would suit something that big. ” she wrote. “As it evolved, I wanted it to be a celebration of pandemic survival. When you have women in your club who are all 60, 70 and 80, it was pretty scary for most of us.

Hanson’s sister, Melody Nix, sewed costumes for lunch, and designed and printed all of the place cards, signage and business cards for the two bankers. She also donated accessories and some desserts.

The large number of club members made for an excellent cast. Hanson said she picked the character based on who fits the bill the best.

Some husbands of club members even got into trouble.

Hanson’s daughter from Shasta City and a friend from Sparks, Nevada traveled to join in the fun.

The singing singers started on the lawn in front of the clubhouse and strolled through the building’s ballroom to finish off their song selection.

There were 34 characters from the book “A Christmas Carol” plus a fun mix of maids, chimney sweeps, patrons and a bartender at the Olde Swig & Pig Pub.

“It takes the right mix of sights, sounds and smells to create the right feeling for 1850 London,” Hanson wrote. “We have a lady in our club, Pat Broschard, who reads so well. I love his voice, so I made him read “The Gift of the Magi”. She was wonderful.

Barb Gardener played the role of Scrooge, wearing a nightgown and cap to wish everyone a resounding “bah humbug”.

“Our ghosts were straight out of the George C. Scott movie Dickens,” Hanson wrote. “They were Jean Kelly, Victoria Cook and Hannelore Baffico.”

Evelyn Wickham portrayed the ghost of Jacob Marley. Her husband Gregg Wickham led the vocal singers.

Penny Fisher and Lynden Knoff were Mr. and Mrs. Fezzywig. Ed Houk and Donna Schmid were the Cratchits.

Hanson’s son Andrew Hanson and his wife Sherri Hanson came from Sacramento to play Santa Claus and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas as he stood on the club porch welcoming guests.

Production took four days to set up.

Hanson wrote in his email that it was wonderful to be together again in the Sacramento Street clubhouse. Some hadn’t been together for a very long time. It was like a week old at home, Hanson wrote.

Club members will not rest on their laurels for long.

The annual crab diet is February 5. Tickets are $ 80. Call Pam Wright and 707-432-0922 for tickets.

The annual spring fashion show is “Fantasy Island” and is scheduled for April 13th.

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