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In the classic sense, life in northern New Mexico is elementary. Each day offers contact with dry earth, mountain water, fresh air and, for many residents, a seat beside a crackling fire, the woody scent of piñon smoke drifting in the wind.

Firewood delivery carts driven by Burro figure prominently in local folklore, and elders recount treacherous journeys in overloaded pickup trucks to haul lumber down the icy Slide Trail, formerly a national highway.

For all your fireplace and wood burning stove needs today, Bailey’s Chimney is as essential as a neatly stacked cord of perfectly seasoned firewood. Their courteous team of Certified Chimney Professionals has served the residents of Taos County and beyond for over twenty years. Whether it’s a kiva in historic adobe that needs careful restoration, a decorative masonry fireplace with a difficult draft, or routine woodstove maintenance (owner and technician Pat Rael urges customers to heed the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendation for annual inspection of fireplaces and wood stoves), Bailey’s team of experts is here for you. A look at their overwhelmingly positive reviews and glowing testimonials confirms the cornerstones of their business model: building quality relationships, a client-centric approach to every job, regardless of size and scope , offering great career opportunities to the right people and an unparalleled dedication to the values ​​of professionalism and safety.

Bailey’s invests a great deal of time and energy in professional training and certification. Each of its skilled technicians and apprentices is able to clean, inspect, troubleshoot and repair all types of wood-burning fireplaces. Customers can be confident that anyone who comes in for a service call has in-depth knowledge of wood-burning fireplace systems thanks to input from certification bodies such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America, National Fireplace Institute, National Chimney Sweeps Guild, National Fire Protection Association and International Residential. Coded.

Baileys routinely inspects, cleans and repairs chimneys and fireplaces at residential and commercial properties in the area, from as far away as southern Colorado to Tijeras, and are GB98 licensed contractors. They also maintain a warehouse in Santa Fe which stocks a range of wood stoves ranging from the sleek, contemporary design of Norsk Kleber to the traditional cast iron and steel style of Napoleon, Osburn and Kuma Stoves, a consistent best seller. Kuma and Osburn are two of the few manufacturers in the market that claim a 26% tax credit on your federal tax returns. Bailey’s performs both new installations and replacements of factory-built fireplace systems. They most often recommend high-efficiency factory-built fireplaces because they provide the ambiance of a fireplace with additional heat output.

Nevertheless, they specialize in low and high yield prefab units. From design to installation, if a customer can imagine it, then Bailey’s can get the job done.

Of course, Bailey’s main concern with any fireplace system is to have it inspected. Safety is often overlooked or taken for granted when it comes to burning wood in North Central New Mexico. The most common problem for wood heating systems is damage to clay flue liner systems for masonry fireplaces. Damage can be caused by many variables, the most concerning being a chimney fire event, which most individuals may simply not be aware of. Another common problem is wood stoves, fireplaces and chimneys that don’t meet clearance requirements. Often combustible materials are located too close to required areas to have an appropriate distance to avoid potential hazards. If these or other issues arise, Bailey’s goal is to bring the system into compliance through an integrative knowledge and understanding of industry standards and code requirements. Highlighting Bailey’s commitment to safety, they provide free dryer vent inspections alongside their chimney service. Thousands of fires occur every year due to poorly maintained dryer vents. Each call to Bailey’s brings with it one possibility of less devastating loss of property and even life.

Owner and CEO Doreenda Martinez cites the company’s connection to the community, high salaries and charitable contributions to nonprofits as key to its mission to be more than your average fireplace company. In April, Bailey’s spends time repairing a fireplace in the blacksmith’s room at Hacienda Martinez, a labor of love in keeping with the care and respect they give to the many historic properties in the area. Little misses Doreenda’s keen eye – in fact, she ended our recent brief conversation with a sweet reminder that according to her records, my own fireplace needed to be inspected. This level of personal service is the reason I use Bailey’s – and recommend them to my friends and neighbors without hesitation.

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