Steve Carter and his family, chimney sweeps

Bring luck and good fortune to the community

A chimney sweep has long been a symbol of luck and good fortune since the 18th century, when a chimney sweep saved the life of King George II after he lost control of his horse in a crowded London street.

Some say it wasn’t the first time a chimney sweep saved a king. Folk tales tell of another chimney sweep in the 11th century who saved King William from a runaway car.

No matter how many kings chimney sweeps have saved in the past, there’s good reason they walk like lucky charms, even by today’s standards.

With more than 25,000 chimney fires per year, a chimney sweep is on the front lines of protecting homeowners and communities from the dangers of chimney and hearth-related household fires.

Whether it’s a wood or gas appliance, there are a variety of safety issues that homeowners need to watch out for and maintain. Decades of experience and training in the field make Chimney Sweeps, Inc. industry leaders in safety and structural soundness.

But beyond that, Chimney Sweeps, Inc. takes community service to another level. Recognized year after year by the State Senate for its active participation and support of community events, Chimney Sweeps, Inc. aims to not only keep the community safe, but also support and support its residents. .

Additionally, Chimney Sweeps, Inc. has a history of supporting local, state, and national charities that strive to improve the lives of some of this country’s most vulnerable and valued members. “We’re very focused on how to give back and support our community through donations and charitable acts,” said Steve Carter, Master Sweep and company founder.

If that weren’t enough, Chimney Sweeps, Inc. believes in and operates its business on firm principles of integrity and ethics rare in today’s cutthroat corporate culture – guided by the following core principle: ” If the customer is not completely satisfied with our work or service, we will make it right or give them their money back. This promise is pretty much unheard of in the chimney sweeping industry and is just another way Chimney Sweeps, Inc. sets itself apart from other companies you might come across.

If you have a chimney or fireplace, contact San Diego’s largest family-owned sweeping and service company: Chimney Sweeps, Inc!

Although you see a British flag in the logo (acknowledging the luck and traditions of the industry), there is no more patriotic or caring American family business than Chimney Sweeps, Inc.

For more information, visit their website at or call them at 619-593-4020 today.

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