St. Louis weather is going to be hot as hell all weekend | St. Louis Metro News | Saint Louis

If you had any outdoor plans for this weekend, you might want to reconsider.

The latest local weather reports indicate that the St. Louis area will face excessive heat all weekend, with heat index values ​​reaching up to 110 degrees today and tomorrow. Sunday may be just as hot, but local meteorologists aren’t quite sure yet what the day will bring.

The St. Louis National Weather Service says that a heat advisory is in effect for our region from noon today until Saturday. says a heat advisory is typically issued when “when the maximum heat index temperature is expected to be 100 degrees or higher for at least two days, and nighttime air temperatures will not drop below 75 degrees”.

So not only will it roast all day, but it will also roast hot all night.

If your overworked HVAC or small windows and fans aren’t enough, there are plenty of cooling centers open this weekend to help keep you cool and safe.

Authorities recommend staying indoors if you can this weekend, as people (and pets) can be quickly overwhelmed by such intense heat. Visit the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services website for more information on how to prevent heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

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