Sheriff cleared to enter into purchase agreement for ambulance garage – Jamestown Sun

JAMESTOWN – The Stutsman County Commission approved 3-0 allowing Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser and Commission Chairman Mark Klose to enter into a purchase agreement for the Ringdahl EMS ambulance garage that could be used by the sheriff’s office as a storage building. The purchase contract must be approved by the county commission.

Klose was absent from the county commission meeting on Tuesday, July 19. County Commissioner Ramone Gumke abstained from the vote because his company is a subcontractor for the proposed construction of a new 150-foot-by-60-foot storage building near the existing Stutsman County park. store located between two sets of trees on the west side of the Lakeside Campground on the Jamestown Reservoir.

Kaiser told the commission that the asking price for the ambulance garage built in 1944 was $870,000. He said some renovations were needed, including the removal of a decorative false roof in the garage, the removal of an office in the garage, the installation of a new garage door opener and the replacement of the cutter. -cold at the bottom of the exterior doors. He said it would cost about $10,000 for the work.
A generator estimated at $20,000 to $25,000 will also be needed, he said. Kaiser said a contractor told him the garage was having moisture issues from melting snow and vehicle washing and a rough estimate was $70,000 to install an air exchanger if needed. .

Kaiser said the benefits of the ambulance garage include minimal renovations, the vehicles are fit and the roof has been replaced within the last five years. He said the cons include the location isn’t ideal for getting in and out on First Avenue, the garage is cramped making it harder to move large vehicles and maintenance on a flat roof and three ovens servants.

“The owner told me it takes about $150,000 to $200,000 to fix a flat roof,” he said.

The proposed new storage building will cost over $1.2 million to construct. Offers for the construction of a new storage building are good until the beginning of August.

The benefits of constructing a new building include a better location, low maintenance, built to the needs of the sheriff’s office, and the county parks department has access to the building when needed, Kaiser said. He said the downsides include that it needs to be built and earthworks need to be done before construction.

The county commission will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 2 to discuss projects that should be funded with American Rescue Plan Act funds, plans for the sheriff’s office storage building, and budget discussions.

Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act could be used to finance the storage building.

The county commission approved a Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp application 2-0. a PACE interest buyout of up to $217,000 and $70,680 in funding for North Dakota’s New Jobs training program for Shocker Hitch LLC.

For the PACE Interest Buyout, the City of Jamestown’s share will be over $173,000, with the County’s share being over $43,000.

Corry Shevlin, director of business development at JSDC, said Shocker Hitch is a primary sector company that qualifies for the full Level Five of the PACE program, which can reach $500,000 in Bank of North Dakota funds.

For the North Dakota New Jobs Training Program funding, the city’s share will be over $56,000, with the county’s share being over $14,000.

Shocker Hitch manufactures cushion and airbag tow hitches for pickup trucks and bumper and gooseneck trailers. The company plans to employ 20 people in the first two years of production.

Shocker Hitch plans to move into the existing Infinity Building Services building. The company is currently located in Arthur, ND, but plans to move the majority of the business to the Jamestown site.

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