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BATAVIA – With the cleanup mostly done Monday morning and the 2022 home show behind it, the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce has commitments from a number of vendors to return in 2023.

“What I do on Sundays is I walk around and get engagements (from vendors),” Kelly Bermingham, director of member relations and special events for the County Chamber of Commerce, said Monday. of Genesee. She said that not everyone she approached could sign up because they don’t make the decisions for these companies.

“Of those who could, the majority said, ‘Sign me up for next year,'” Bermingham said.

Overall, coming out of COVID after a hiatus of a few years due to COVID didn’t affect last weekend’s event, she said. Attendance was great on Friday and Saturday, while a bit down on Sunday, which is to be expected, Bermingham said.

“People enjoyed each other’s company without fear. They (the sellers) were happy. Those present were ready to shop,” she said.

Over the weekend, Bermingham said there were nearly 70 vendors, which equates to nearly 100 stalls.

“We are very happy to have them back and we appreciate their support. They stayed with us during the two-year break and they are happy to be back as well,” she said.

The sheer luck of getting out of the house may have brought people to the Home Show, Bermingham said.

“The winter was long. They’re just anticipating some sort of socialization, they’re thinking about spring. Everyone put things on hold,” she said. “They may need windows or a garage door opener…”

One of them was Lori Anauo from Alexander who is dealing with a recent flooding of the basement of her house and came to the living room looking for appliances and just to look around. her in general.

“Our basement flooded, so we are considering doing some of that again. We need to install a new dishwasher upstairs and there is a plumbing problem. We have a lot of things that we are looking at,” she said. “We are here to come up with ideas. We’re going to look at the basement flooring. Sometimes you have ideas while you’re here. You just don’t know what you might find.

When you do a project yourself, it takes longer, Anauo said.

“My son does a lot of stuff like that,” she said.

Among the sellers was Pro Kleen, Inc., co-owned by Zach Kobylanski and Jessica Pratt, which moved the business from Piffard to Batavia in February. Pro Kleen offers professional cleaning services such as pressure washing, window cleaning, interior cleaning and gutter cleaning.

Pratt said they want to keep all of their businesses close together in Genesee County. She and Kobylanski said the main benefit they get from attending the Home Show is publicity.

“We meet potential clients, get our name out there,” Pratt said.

As for the popularity of professional cleaning services and whether they’re trending up or down, Kobylanski said, “I guess that’s how I see it – with cleaning, it’s an essential service, whether you’re looking to cleaning the exterior of your home or the interior, or cleaning the gutters or the dryer vent.

Their services are used more often than before, he said.

“A lot of people have to work so much, whether it’s from home or in the office, that people are looking even more to hire something like our services,” he said.

Pratt said, “You will always have that person who wants that extra help. I think once people are open to that, when they have that availability and that freedom to take that off their plate, I think that’s really a convenience.

Oakfield’s Jodi Wolcott said she and her husband, Jay, are always looking to improve their home.

I have my wish list. My husband still takes care of the house,” she said. “We live in an old house. You still need new windows, siding or insulation. You need it to be energy efficient, so that’s what we’re looking for too.

There are no immediate plans for the Wolcotts, Jodi Wolcott said on Saturday. She estimated that their house was built in the 1960s and that they have lived there for about 20 years. They come to the Home Show whenever the House has one.

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