Seaway Tech Event to Focus on BOCES Students Boosting Local Workforce | Business

NORWOOD — Next week, businesses will be able to see what the St. Lawrence-Lewis Cooperative Educational Services Board’s Norwood Technical Center has to offer and how graduates can help fill labor needs.

The St. Lawrence County Business Connections Committee, with representatives from the County Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Development Agency, Workforce Development Council, and Small Business Development Center , will host Business Connections: Resource Spotlight from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tuesday at Seaway Tech, 7227 Route 56.

While businesses can still register for the event, Benjamin R. Dixon, executive director of the county chamber of commerce, said about 20 businesses and leaders are expected to attend the event.

“It’s primarily aimed at meeting their labor needs and helping them meet those labor needs in the future. BOCES students have a wide range of programs they can take and they learn excellent technical skills while learning many important soft skills and transferable skills to help them prepare for the job,” said Mr. Dixon. “So the idea of ​​the event was to connect business leaders to BOCES, show them the actual facilities they train with, practice and have a chance to talk to students and instructors. and better understand what BOCES has to offer in terms of manpower.

Tuesday’s spotlight is the second of three events highlighting BOCES facilities across the county. The first took place on February 16 at the Northwest Tech Center in Ogdensburg. The latest is scheduled for April 28 at Southwest Tech in Fowler.

Approximately 30 business leaders and resource partners attended the first session, which included student-led tours showcasing technical and transferable skills developed by students in the alternative education, automotive technologies, Building, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, CREATE, Graphic Communications, Health Careers, HVAC, Metalworking, Natural Resource Management, and New Medical Careers.

At the Ogdensburg event, leaders from several companies from DeFelsko, Howland Pump & Supply and the Ogdensburg Land Bank shared their positive experiences of working with BOCES to meet labor and supply needs. programs.

Mr. Dixon said the spotlights were designed by the St. Lawrence County Business Relations Committee to provide businesses with a way to find new employees.

“What we have been hearing from our businesses for several years is their difficulties in meeting their labor needs. They have a hard time finding employees, they have a hard time retaining employees, or they might find employees but they’re not ready for the job, they don’t have the skills they need,” said Mr. Dixon. “So we saw that BOCES could be an additional area they could look to to meet those needs. These students come out of these programs with simply phenomenal skills. I think everyone who attended the event was very impressed with what they saw.

Advance registration is required for the Norwood event. Businesses can go and look for the Business Connections: Resource Spotlight link on the events page. Breakfast will be provided by the Culinary Arts program.

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