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Cumberland County Preschool Teachers will benefit from continuing professional development in literacy teaching through the High Quality Teaching Materials Literacy Implementation Network Grant program. the state.

“In January, when the state legislature met and passed four sweeping pieces of legislation, literacy was one of those things,” school principal Ina Maxwell told the committee. contracts at its November 23 meeting. “Read 360 is the expression that the state coined to make literacy work. “

Schools in Cumberland County joined the program in March.

“This training is available to all teachers and leaders in any capacity,” said Maxwell. “The goal is to help get things done in literacy for our students. “

The grant provides $ 83,000 per year for five years to help teachers and administrators use “high quality educational materials.” The state has confirmed that the grant will be renewed for five years.

As part of the program, the state identified providers that school systems could use for professional development. Cumberland County selected TNTP, a New York-based nonprofit that provides targeted teacher training.

Maxwell explained that the organization would provide individual and group training to teachers on planning and implementing literacy education. The school system would determine the specific training needed, and that would be triggered by requests from teachers and administrators, Maxwell said. Training can take place in person or virtually.

“It’s a great way for us to have extra support without having extra people here in our building,” Maxwell told the committee. “It gives us the freedom to ask for the support we need. “

Unlike professional development which is “one and done,” Maxwell said the contract will allow for continuous and integrated professional development for teachers, working with instructional coaches.

The grant and contract were approved by the entire school board at its December 2 meeting.

The school system is also working with external providers to improve its mental health services for students. The board approved contracts with Cumberland Mountain Mental Health and Volunteer Behavioral Health to participate in the Anchor Project and a contract with Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System to provide a school alcohol and drug abuse prevention program in elementary schools participants.

Project Anchor provides mental health therapy and school-based care coordination services to students referred by the school system.

Both contracts are annual contracts.

“Bo Magnuson [director of emergency management and security/attendance supervisor] and Dr Scott Maddox [Career and Technical Education and 9-12 curriculum and instruction supervisor] worked with them, ”Maxwell explained. “It allows them to come to school and provide services to students. They worked on the MOU to keep Cumberland Mountain Mental Health and CC Schools on the same page with the students they see and the services they provide.

All therapists and care coordinators must meet accreditation requirements, including background checks, drug tests, and other standards required by the school system.

Boston wanted the program to work with Safe Schools mental health counselors employed directly by the school system.

“We made another deal a few months ago for mental health services,” she said. “Mental health services are so expansive at this point, and it will be a more prevalent goal, if we can just get a system going. “

Maxwell said Scott Hull, board supervisor for Safe Schools, is involved with each of the mental health service providers to coordinate the services.

The contracts were approved by the full board at its meeting on December 2.

The school system will also continue its maintenance contract with Trane for automated HVAC equipment. Boston initially asked to file the agreement pending a review of the school system’s HVAC systems. Kacee Harris, chief financial officer, explained that the deal was not about new equipment. Instead, it was about providing preventive maintenance and servicing of existing HVAC systems.

“We need hours of repair and preventative maintenance visits anyway, and the contract only saves us $ 32 an hour,” Harris said.

The contract is $ 17,400 per year.

Boston withdrew its tabling motion and offered to pass the contract on to the full board, which was approved by the committee. The board approved the contract at its December 2 meeting.

The contracts committee also approved the continuation of its contract with the Tennessee School Boards Association for the maintenance of the school system policy manual. The service is in addition to the membership of the board of directors in the organization. The three-year contract has a cost of $ 4,250 per year, which is the same as the previous contract.

“It’s a service that is very well received and very well used,” Boston said.

The full board approved the contract at its December 2 meeting.

The Board of Directors also approved the Master Flight Training Agreement with Azure Flight Support LLC to provide flight training services and the installation of a flight training simulator at Crossville Memorial Airport in the support of the new aviation program at Cumberland County High School and Stone Memorial High School. The program will be launched with 15 students from both schools, with students eligible to obtain a private pilot’s license at no cost.

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