Santa’s business receives $ 10,000 grant

Santa’s Outdoor Cleanup was one of the chosen businesses out of thousands of applications and received $ 10,000. This is the second-highest grant ever received and the first and first grant recipient in the New Entrepreneur category.

They were among thirty small businesses selected to receive a free grant under the proposed program called Boost by Jobber. Jobber is an online service that helps small businesses run the essential part of their business. The companies were selected from thousands of applications and received funding ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 20,000, for a total of US $ 150,000.

“From seasoned entrepreneurs to those starting new careers in home service, all of our Boost by Jobber grantees are unique, but the incredible impact they have on their local communities is something they all share,” said said Sam Pillar, CEO and co. -founder at Jobber. “Our team was truly inspired by the entrepreneurial stories and displays of resilience that were shared with us. Home service businesses are made up of amazing people and hometown heroes who deserve to have a spotlight on their work, their stories heard, and our continued support. This is our goal for the Boost by Jobber program.

Boost by Jobber grant recipients range from pre-commercial entrepreneurs to experienced homeowners and represent a variety of home service industries including tree maintenance, lawn care and landscaping, plumbing , residential cleaning, HVAC, contracting, carpentry, pressure washing, and more.

These funds will help support home care entrepreneurs who keep our homes and offices running smoothly, help their friends and neighbors build rewarding careers, and give back to the communities where they live and work.

The application process involved written and video submissions, followed by interviews with the Boost by Jobber jury. To select the recipients, Jobber individually assessed the applicants based on their applications.

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