Saint-Joseph handles heavy snowfall | Time

Sunday’s blizzard brought the heaviest snowfall of the year to St. Joseph, leaving city workers and snow removal companies with plenty of work to do.

Shane Hunter, the owner of Hunters Lawn Care & Tree Service, said he and his drivers worked to clear the snow by plowing and salting the parking lots. From there, they moved on to clearing snow from residential areas.

“We arrive at our residential customers about eight to 12 hours after the snow storm ends,” he said.

Although his company provides snow removal services, Hunter explained that recent snow has also forced them to halt regular services they provide, such as tree maintenance and landscaping.

“I will probably resume tree work tomorrow when the weather improves,” he said. “We won’t resume landscaping until all the snow has melted, started to dry out a bit.”

However, this interruption of the company’s usual services is nothing out of the ordinary and happens every year.

“We’re used to it and used to it,” Hunter said. “The snow is a nice change to the usual landscape and the regular work we do, so it’s nice to be able to go out and do some snow removal, get things done.”

Unlike previous blizzards this year, which largely featured dry, fluffy snow, he said this recent snowfall was wet and heavy.

“So that heavy, wet snow comes off a lot easier,” Hunter said. “It’s heavier, but it grows clean. It’s not as smooth and not as messy.

Cory Schilling, co-owner of Schilling & Sons Maintenance, said the recent snowfall was one of the biggest this year.

Schilling said the snow was heavy, but was also in a liquid state due to temperature fluctuations.

“It was no big deal,” he said. “Our team came in there, we took care of everything, we went in and out. This is what we do.”

Jared Shelton, a News-Press NOW meteorologist, said the weather last weekend was active across the Midwest, including northwest Missouri.

Temperature changes on Sunday caused heavy wet snowfall, leaving downtown St. Joseph with 4 inches and the rest of the Northwest Missouri region with 3 to 5 inches between Sunday and Monday.

“While this abrupt shift from one weather extreme to the other may seem out of the ordinary, the bilateral nature of this weekend’s weather is a signature of spring systems in this part of the country,” Shelton said.

Between Sunday and Monday afternoon, 29 vehicle collisions were reported, none of which were fatal, according to Capt. Jeff Wilson of the St. Joseph Police Department.

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