REACT: 3 cleaning services for commercial and hotel premises to ensure the safety of customers and staff

We all know that the Covid pandemic has hit the commercial real estate and hospitality sectors hard. Months of total shutdown, followed by reduced social distancing ability, have taken their toll. The sector is certainly diverse and extends to hospitality suites in multifunctional buildings such as hotels, stadiums and even offices. But in all of these cases, a common theme emerged: the need for improved cleansing regimes. Whatever the building, and whatever the company involved, REACT can meet all of these specialist cleaning requirements. In this blog, we take a look at three cleaning services that keep customers and staff safe: surface cleaning and decontamination, floor cleaning, and high-level cleaning.

Cleaning and decontamination of surfaces

As the pandemic continues, it has become evident that Covid is most easily transmitted through air droplets. However, there is still evidence of surface transmission. And of course, there are several other pathogens that are transmitted through surface contact. In reception settings, it is essential to control the surface transmission of noroviruses and other pathogens causing digestive and respiratory diseases. REACT is here to provide vital deep cleaning and disinfection services. It starts by helping our customers adopt a culture of infection control across a site. Items such as routine housekeeping and ensuring toiletries and handwashing are available will help staff and customers keep their hands clean.

In cases where sites require full decontamination, we are also available to assist you. With the need to turn things around quickly, it is essential to respond if someone is identified as positive for Covid or following an outbreak of any other disease. We adopt a simple yet robust infection control methodology: test, clean, disinfect and test again. We clean to remove dirt and dust that can harbor pathogens. We disinfect, deploying viricides and decontamination methods that have been shown to be effective against SARS-CoV2 and Norovirus. And we test again to make sure we have eliminated all pathogens.

Floors, carpets and upholstery

In a large room, it can be difficult to achieve a consistently clean finish over an entire floor area without specialized equipment. Likewise, there may be a range of floor coverings, carpets and linoleum, including concrete or stone, which require different equipment and / or products. REACT can operate in localized areas within the premises (particularly in response to a spill) or over an entire floor space.

Take the rugs and upholstery. We offer a range of specialized carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. Depending on the place of reception, attendance and the nature of the fabrics, we can use a variety of methods. We focus on three cleaning methods: hot water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery), foam encapsulation and dry cleaning (compound cleaning). Our experienced and fully vetted operators can be available 24/7 for hospitality venues on a contractual or ad hoc basis. This can be a localized area of ​​carpet or all the chairs in an entire floor space. We can provide regular cleanup or respond to spills, floods or other emergencies.

High level cleaning

Many places have high ceilings, which means interior walls and corners can be difficult to clean. In addition to maintaining good ventilation, it is important to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris at a high level in buildings. Pathogens in air droplets can bind to particles and be transferred to surfaces and soils. REACT’s high-level, specialist cleaning team are on hand to eliminate the risk, ensuring the premises look immaculate yet welcoming. We have the expertise to work at heights using elevating work platforms and other appropriate equipment. We can focus on every element to a high standard including ductwork and drop ceilings. In addition, our staff are focused at all times on maintaining the highest health and safety standards. And we will make sure everything is in order meticulously before we leave the premises.

Whatever the task, we can keep the reception areas clean. We leave it to our hotel cleaning clients to feed, water and entertain their clients.

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Message from Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the CEO of REACT Group plc., A company dedicated to specialist cleaning, hygiene and decontamination. He is deeply committed to ensuring that each of our business clients receives the highest level of service possible. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services industry.

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