Queen’s chimney sweep reveals what working for the monarch was really like

According to Daily Mail, Kevin Giddings and a group of additional chimney sweeps have looked after Buckingham Palace and several other royal residences for more than 20 years. They all agreed that the late Queen regularly makes them feel “important” by going out of her way to speak to them about their timeless trade and conveying a deep appreciation for what they have done. “He is absolutely honored and delighted that the Queen recognized him as her chimney sweep, and on one occasion we were at Buckingham Palace and the Queen pointed to my husband and said ‘he’s my chimney sweep'”, Katie Giddings (wife of Kevin) recently shared with The Argus.

The Daily Mail reports that Buckingham Palace houses as many as 300 fireplaces within its walls, although most of them are not even in use. However, they provide a funnel in the outside air, so they must be maintained for ventilation purposes. Therefore, the royal chimney sweeps definitely have their work cut out for them. Feeling appreciated and respected by the most revered individual in the country certainly makes the working day more bearable; especially when she goes out of her way to talk to you directly. “She was an incredibly knowledgeable woman who even spoke to the chimney sweep about her job and made her feel very important,” Giddings continued (via The Argus).

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