Program and project partners announce winners of new multi-million pound HVAC contract


Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick and EJ Parker Technical Services have been appointed to provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), a framework agreement worth £ 150-250million over the life of the program.

The HVAC package is the first of several to be awarded by partners over the coming months as part of a major framework spanning the next 18 years.

HVAC is used in all installations to regulate temperature and humidity at the Sellafield site. Traditionally at Sellafield, HVAC procurement is done on a project-by-project basis.

Through its Multi-Project Procurement (MPP) approach, program and project partners seek to work with specialist partners throughout the life of the program for greater gains and efficiency.

The MPP approach encourages long-term collaboration throughout the supply chain, better project execution and paves the way for greater economic and social impact in the West Cumbria region.

It was purchased as part of a new multi-project procurement model that encourages long-term collaboration across the supply chain, better project execution and paves the way for greater economic impact. and social in the West Cumbria region.

The model will see the appointment of key delivery partners to deliver work packages spanning everything from electrical and instrumentation and fabrication and fabrication to earthworks and general public works.

Eldon Garnett, on behalf of the board of directors of the program and project partners, said:

It’s really nice to be awarded our first contract as part of the multi-project procurement process, which allows us to start realizing the benefits that we know this program will bring.

Looking at the responses during the HVAC bidding process, there is clearly enormous enthusiasm throughout the supply chain to be part of the program and project partner team, approaching the mission. wider of Sellafield Ltd and we look forward to welcoming other key delivery partners in the months. before.

Stuart Driscoll, Managing Director of Technical Services at EJ Parker, said:

We are delighted to be named as one of the first key delivery partners. Our team has a large and complex HVAC background and our values ​​of people, safety and service align well for this opportunity.

We look forward to working closely with program and project partners, field partners, key delivery partners and members of the supply chain to successfully deliver this framework.

Mark Bullock, CEO of Balfour Beatty, UK Construction Services, said:

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise, combined with our sustainable and innovative delivery approach, will enable us to safely and successfully deliver the required HVAC work to Sellafield.

We look forward to supporting you as a key delivery partner; help deliver greater economic and social impact across the region for many years to come.

The program and project partners will work closely with all major delivery partners to realize their ambition to create a clean and safe environment at the Sellafield site for future generations, improve sustainability and better business results. economy and local communities.

As part of its pioneering approach to project delivery and local impact, the partners have engaged with Swimming with the Big Fish, a small and medium-sized business (SME) matchmaking service, which negotiates introductions and develops relationships between those who bid to become the key delivery. partners and successful SMEs wishing to invest in Western Cumbria.

These SMEs plan to create additional jobs, recruit apprentices and invest to expand / create new facilities in the West Cumbria region through the work they are doing with their respective main delivery partners.

The program and project partners are made up of KBR batch partners (integration partner); Jacobs (design and engineering partner); Morgan Sindall Infrastructure (civil construction management partner) and Doosan Babcock Ltd (process construction management partner) and Sellafield Ltd as the fifth partner, to support the site’s decommissioning program over 100 years.

Sellafield Ltd is the organization responsible for the safe operation and cleanup of the Sellafield site in Cumbria, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Sellafield is the largest nuclear complex in Western Europe. We are delivering a mission of national significance, ensuring the safety and security of the UK’s nuclear heritage and progressively decommissioning some of the oldest atomic installations in the world.

The site is 2 square miles with over 1,000 buildings. Although the site is effectively being dismantled, it is a hive of construction activity and as old facilities are decommissioned new ones need to be built to store nuclear waste.

The decommissioning program will last more than 100 years. Access to all skills, innovation and the supply chain is therefore crucial to ensure that this is done safely.

Multi Project Procurement (MPP) is the collective name for a number of competitions that the program and project partners will organize to secure supply chain partners to support the PPP forward work plan.

MPPs are seen as a pioneering new way of working by awarding long term work packages building on the Sellafield Ltd model / program and project partners and learning from across the industry.

The multi-project procurement model will help partners achieve their critical success factors by encouraging long-term collaboration throughout the supply chain and improving project delivery and paving the way for greater economic and social impact in the region of West Cumbria.

The HVAC scope covers the design (if applicable), supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the HVAC system.

The framework agreement has a term of 18 years and will see 2 partners supporting the program and the project partners throughout its lifespan, with an estimated value of between £ 150m and £ 250m.

There are 5 annual review points to ensure continued alignment between program and project partners and selected supply chain partners.

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