Professionals give ways to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – With weekend temperatures set to drop below freezing overnight, Lawton HVAC companies and EMT services are making sure people know about carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to the CDC, each year at least 430 people die in the United States from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

“It’s one of those things that we can’t see or smell,” said Blake Badgett of Robinson Air HVAC. “When we turn on our radiators, we turn them up. If there’s a problem, you won’t see or feel it until it’s too late.

One thing experts have said people can do to prevent this from happening is to make sure a licensed professional comes to check their unit every year.

The other would be to have carbon monoxide detectors installed and tested.

“Make sure they’re up to date, that they haven’t expired, and make sure they’re doing whatever they’re supposed to do,” Bladgett said. “The batteries are good in it. “

People also need to be careful about what they use to keep their homes warm, according to Comanche County Memorial Hospital ambulance director Jamie Hennessee.

“What we don’t want to see are people using stoves inside their homes to heat their homes,” Hennessee said. “Every time you burn this type of fuel it creates a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide. We just want to make sure we’re safe inside, keeping the areas ventilated.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, but there are symptoms people should be aware of.

“If they start having unusual headaches,” she said. “Maybe nausea, vomiting and it’s not related to normal illness, these things could be a concern.”

If anyone has these symptoms, they should seek fresh air and see a doctor.

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