Prodigal Ministries helps give people a second chance

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Ronnie Gevedon is a husband, father and employee of Divine Services, an HVAC service and repair company. But life hasn’t always been this easy for Gevedon.

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  • Prodigal Ministries Delivers Christ-Centered Residential Aftercare Program
  • Ronnie Gevedon served 4 years in prison
  • Divine Services is an HVAC repair and service company
  • Gevedon has been sober since 2017

“I started smoking weed when I was 14, 15 years old. When I grew and progressed I got into pills and alcohol and then from there I left high school and started doing drugs, ”Gevedon said.

After living a life of drug and alcohol addiction and spending time in prison, Gevedon was charged with the felony of drug trafficking and served 4.5 years in prison.

“Prison and jail is like being on the street, if you want drugs they’re in there and I just chose not to, I was just fed up and wanted a better life “, Gevedon.

Gevedon traded the drugs for something bigger, a second chance to live with his family. He became sober in prison and has been since 2017.

“I didn’t really realize it, I thought the other day that I spent most of my thirties locked up, inside and outside, inside and outside and everything. what I missed, ”Gevedon said. “You don’t realize how much you’ve missed, how much life and memories until you get sober.”

Just two weeks before leaving prison, Gevedon found out Prodigal Ministries, a Christ-centered residential aftercare program that helps men and women who have been incarcerated to reintegrate into society. In 25 years, Prodigal Ministries has touched more than 800 lives.

Gevedon then spent nine and a half months in the program before returning to school and landing a job with Divine Services, an HVAC service and repair company. Gevedon said he learned a number of lessons from the program, including that his recovery journey was not an individual fight.

Ronnie Gevedon left a life of drugs behind and now has a career in CVC (Spectrum News 1 / Erin Wilson)

“It’s good to ask for help and if something is bothering you, to go to them and not resort to old ways of getting high or getting drunk and they just help you focus on your job.”

Gevedon has been an installer at Divine Services for almost three years.

“People will complain, ‘Well, this person reported me, this person reported me,’ well, actually, I thank God for being reported for selling drugs, because if not, I would probably be in the same situation as some of my other friends who have passed away, ”Gevedon said.

After missing a life with his son for 15 years, Gevedon was able to reestablish a relationship he had never imagined.

“It is a blessing for me to be able to work every day and come home to my family and see the smiles on their faces and the drugs and alcohol that took it all away.”

Gevedon is now a father of three and his boss, Darin Ashley at Divine Services, also serves as his mentor and has completed the Prodigal Ministries program.

Prodigal Ministries operates four halfway houses in Jefferson and Oldham counties. Homes serve as environments where clients can rebuild their lives.

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