Poland calls for sanctions on states that pay for Russian gas in rubles

Countries that use rubles to pay for Russian gas should be penalized by the European Union, Poland’s climate minister said on Thursday.

Anna Moskwa’s appeal came a day after Moscow decided to cut off supplies to Poland and Bulgaria due to their refusal to do so.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded that buyers from “unfriendly” countries pay for gas in rubles or be cut off, as of the April payment due date.

EU member states appear divided over how they can continue to pay for gas without breaching European sanctions imposed during Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine. Many European countries remain heavily dependent on Russian energy imports.

Poland, one of the EU’s staunchest supporters of punitive sanctions against Moscow, said the bloc should ban Russian gas purchases altogether.

“Today what is missing are full sanctions on gas, that would solve the problem with Gazprom, the problem of the following sanctions 100%. We are waiting for these sanctions,” Anna Moskwa told the private television channel. Polsat News Wednesday evening.

The main EU member states resisting tougher sanctions against Russia are Austria, Germany and Hungary, she added.

“We expect that there will be consequences for these countries (which pay in rubles) and that as a result they will stop paying in rubles.”

She did not specify what kind of consequences Poland wanted to see.

Russia’s new gas payment system, involving the opening of accounts at Gazprombank where payments in euros or dollars would be converted into rubles, provides leeway that could see some countries continue to buy Russian gas, unraveling the united front of the bloc against Moscow.

Germany’s electricity utility Uniper told the Rheinische Post newspaper on Thursday that it would transfer payments for Russian gas to a Russian bank and no longer to a European-based bank.

Separately, senior officials said on Thursday that EU countries had all agreed not to pay Russia directly in rubles for their gas imports, noting that the deadline for the next payments was to be May 20. .

“What we know, and there is a consensus on this in all member states, is that none are willing to pay” in rubles, the official told a press conference, adding that the European Commission did not have an overview of the number of buyers. opened accounts for gas payments with Gazprombank.

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